sent me worn, dirty and damaged gg-interlocking tights! very disgusting

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  1. Wow disgusting but I am not shocked. I just purchased a Burberry wool toggle coat which came from their online and the coat was worn and you could smell a cheap perfume odor in the coat.
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  2. Did you order from Gucci or Walmart? That's really bad!
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  3. If it had happened at Walmart, she would already have her replacement pair.
  4. Not shocked at all. So sorry for all your troubles. However, if you paid by CreditCard you should be able to request a chargeback from the credit card company. Good luck.
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  5. Hi: sorry to hear about your experience - any updates? I have just purchased a pair of Gucci tights from the store tonight , took it home and realised that the tights may have been a display sample. It wasn’t actually worn as such but there were a few pieces of fluff on the tights and it did not come with a plastic bag or tags and care card that should come with the tights. I am going to call the store tomorrow and see what they can do. The least I should get is the care card . I am not too worried if it had been on display as it wasn’t actually worn plus it was the last pair in my size ar the store and I am reluctant to exchange it for a pair from the online store given the issue highlighted in this gorum. I can tell because it hasn’t been worn as there were no stretched areas in the foot or the butt area of the tights. But still not the best experience.
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  6. Sorry for the typos from my post above - was typing too fast on the iPhone
  7. I thought when you purchased tights and or stockings the package should be factory sealed? If not this would an indication that this is an opened item.
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  8. Good point. Will be asking the store when I call them tomorrow why the tights didn’t come in a sealed pack
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  9. I bought a pair of tights from gucci store and it didn’t come with the care card or any tags, just clear plastic, which was very disappointing.
  10. Hi:

    Thanks for sharing- did it come with the cardboard insert inside the tights? By the way, how are you finding your tights? Have they stayed intact with no tears?

    Curious to know because the tights I bought in store yesterday was just wrapped by in a box with no clear plastic, tag, care card or cardboard insert in one of the legs - which I believe it should come that way. Waiting for store to open so I can call them.

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    hey guys sorry i wasnt able to update this post! i kept thinking about it but just wasnt able to do it. Anyway, Gucci did end up allowing me to return the item and gave me a refund. At the same time for the inconvenience, they offered to give me a free gift. The funny thing was, i had given up on the customer service people already and accepted that i might just have to do a dispute on paypal or my credit card. But while i was on instagram, the gucci account had just posted a picture so i thought i'll write a very brief negative comment about my experience not thinking at all it'll help the issue. My comment ended up getting 6 likes lol and surprise surprise an hour later, gucci sent me a DM asking for an email so they can assist me further. lol They apologized, offered to send me a new return label so they can refund me and also a token for the inconvenience. The gift turned out to be those small printed cards and envelopes that you can write thank you notes on which came in it's own printed box. it also included a personal hand written note . I was pretty happy with it, and i thought okay i'll shop with them again. lol but my gosh where they horrible before that. customer service people telling you "you're free to do whatever you wish madame, but we can't help you any further" like wow the nerve. lol

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    hahah i know like walmart wouldn't even ask any questions.
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    hi! mine came with all the extras and care cards, it also had the 1 cardboard insert inside the plastic. Customer service kept telling me that the biggest issue was that the tag was not attached to the tights which was why they refused to refund me at first. meaning, a pair of tights without a tag attached is basically either worn or a return.
    But the first sign for me was that the plastic wrapping had an extra clear tape to secure it closed. the circular seal appeared to be cloudy which meant it had been opened already and caught some dust.

    Also im not sure if they even have stocks now, because last time i checked all sizes were back ordered to like 3 months max. that's why they just gave me a refund because they don't have anything to exchange it to.

    You are right! it should and if it doesn't, is a clear indicator that it has been opened and returned. Mine didn't even lay flat inside the plastic anymore like those brand new factory sealed tights in woolford or like even walmart.
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