sent me worn, dirty and damaged gg-interlocking tights! very disgusting

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  1. #1 Mar 29, 2019
    Last edited: Mar 29, 2019
    hey guys, this is a long rant and i know it's only for €90 so it's not a lot at all. lol but still pretty shocking and annoying experience from a luxury brand. This is the first time i ordered from, my other guccis were from the actual stores or 24sevres.

    So last week i ordered the black gucci gg interlocking tights from the european I received the packaged last Tuesday May 26 and it was packaged neatly, it had the box, ribbon, paper bag and all the envelopes inside with a bubble wrap. Everything was good until i saw the tights. Just looking at it from inside the plastic alone, you can already tell that it had been taken out of it at least once because it was not laid flat inside like most tights and stockings are in their plastic packaging. This one was all crumpled and bumpy.

    I took the tights out and was shocked to see that there was already sooo much pilling all over. The part that's against the butt was sooo badly pilled, bubbled and already very stretched out compared to the rest of the tights. I also noticed that on the feet part, both area where the heel of your foot rest is also stretched out and pilling. Also the waistband had a pretty bad snag on it and the tag was not attached. The whole thing just looks very nasty and very obvious that someone had already worn this a lot of times. It's soo gross and unhygienic!

    Anyway, immediately, i wrapped it back up and filled out the return labels then set up a return pick up. The following day, Wednesday May 27, the courier came and picked it up. Today, Friday May 29, I receive an email from their stating that they cannot proceed with the return request because the item was not in original condition. Well ofcourse right? that's why im returning it. So i called their customer service line and spoke to this lady for about 1 hr total (we hung up and she called me back twice) who said that "after consulting with my co workers and supervisors in the office we cannot give you a refund because our quality assurance dept. decided your item was damaged and was not in original condition" i explained to her soo many times it was exactly how i received it and there's no way i could have done that when i didn't even have the product for 1 day. She kept telling me that she saw the pics the QA sent to her and that there's no way they would send out an item in that condition. what??? i'm like but you do though! that's why i received a damaged item and I told her, it's happened so many times that people received damaged used items from, i remember one user here was sent a used pair of shoes and they also refused to help him.

    Ultimately she said they can't do anything about it because the item was not in original condition.
    Now it's so hard to prove to them that i received the item damaged and used. They probably think i might have switched the tights and returned a used damaged one but i don't even have any other gucci tights.

    i attached the pics. it looks dusty as hell. is that how their tights normally look brand new? not sure because i've never bought one before.
    IMG_5276.JPG IMG_5214.JPG IMG_5212.JPG IMG_5213.JPG IMG_5211.JPG
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  2. That’s gross! And very disappointing on Gucci’s part. Can you send them the pics you took? You can probably show the date stamp on where and when they were taken to show it wasn’t caused by you. Also put a complaint in with your credit card.
    Good luck and keep us posted.
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  3. Thank you venessa. It is very gross. The tights feel dusty and dirty like it has been worn several times and never washed. it didn't even have that new smell anymore. I kept telling them i have pictures that i took right when i opened the box so it's impossible i did that to the item and they don't even care for it. The lady just kept telling me "i'm sorry madame but we cannot do anything. We cannot exchange it as it was returned in not original condition and we cannot accept that". I have a feeling that it might be people working in their warehouse who is doing the switching and sending out worn items.
    I already filed a dispute with paypal, hopefully they side with me. I mean who would go through all this trouble for €90 if it really wasn't the truth right?
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  4. I had a similar issue when I used Farfetch with shoes, the soles were obviously worn and the uppers slightly creased, it's not a nice feeling. I have never had this issue with directly and I've bought reg through the years. I can only imagine that since Gucci became more popular again perhaps their QC is not as good.

    With Farfetch I not only took the pics straight away, I also set them to CS immediately. Because of the delivery signed-for time they could see this was 5 mis after.

    $90 may not be a lot in Gucci-world but it's steep for a pair of tights!

    Hope all works out for you.
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  5. thank you papertiger! i know it's not a nice feeling especially when they don't believe you and give you no options or resolution even though you really got cheated on with your purchase. oh well, i guess there's just not one store whether online or boutique that will be 100% flawless.
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  6. I have a friend who received 2 used items from The first time was a pair of shoes. She had no problems sending them right back, got her refund and ordered a replacement pair which was fine. The next item was a belt that had deep sizing marks on it and scratched hardware. It was clearly used. She immediately returned it after receiving it. Gucci fought her over that one. In the end she got a refund and ordered a replacement but she’s turned off from ordering from them online now. I wanted to buy a bag online from Gucci and she told me “don’t do it”.
    I’m sorry this happened OP. I would’ve expected their customer service would be better than this. You returned it too quickly to have worn them and shown this much wear. I hope it all works out for you.
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  7. thank you ms.dixie. I want to try calling them again on monday, maybe if i persevere more, they'll see that im being honest and i really received defective and used item. If it was just a snag i would have been okay with it and just use it, like i don't care. But it obviously looks like it's been used and it's just gross to think someone's private parts had been in it so many times. it's like wearing someone's dirty underwear. I can't believe they won't help me for just a pair of €90 tights, like it's not a lot.
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  8. Do you think they’d go for an exchange? Sometimes I feel brands are willing to work with you more when you offer that. Sorry this happened! That’s surely not the lux feeling you want when you purchase from a designer brand.
  9. hi! i actually wanted an exchange. lol i asked for an exchange in the return form and i told them over and over on the phone that i want an exchanged to a new pair and not a refund. But they still refused it because they said the item was not in original condition. I told them, why do you even have "damaged/defective" for reason as an option in your return form if you won't even grant an exchange if it's damaged/defective. it doesnt make sense. lol Maybe i should have chosen reason #11 which is "others" and wrote on the form how they sent me a used pair.
  10. Call your credit card company to see if you have any protection there and then call Gucci have and speak to a Manager. If you have photos from the day it was delivered, you should be entitled to a refund.
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  11. Wow that’s some really bad customer service. I’m sorry to hear that OP.
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  12. yes i do. i have photos on the day it was delivered, i took it with my iphone so it should have time and date right? I called again today and the lady said, it was already forwarded to a manager and we just have to wait for a decision but that she has no idea when and what the decision will be. i'll call them again tomorrow. if nothing happens, i'll proceed with my paypal claim.
  13. This is just awful :sick::yucky:.. is there any update on the matter? I was thinking of ordering these tights, but now I’m a little worried :shocked:
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  14. Wow! How gross! Sounds like they need quality control on warehouse workers.
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  15. woh that is really bad :sad:
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