Gucci Arli GG Loggo Bag

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  1. The Arli top handle
  2. I'm waiting patiently for them to release an Arli clutch. I thought I'd love this collection right away but the suede on the medium shoulder bags is throwing me off. My favourite is the cognac/grey python. I wouldn't say no if they came out with a canvas version too.
  3. I wonder if they’ll release the medium Arli in leather. I like the proportions on the medium a lot. The snakeskin version is my favourite so far.
  4. Lou Doillon carrying the black suede Gucci Arli bag. Post from Gucci Instagram.
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  5. Elizabeth Hurley wearing the Arli bag
  6. Actress Dakota Johnson with the Arli bag in suede
  7. If it becomes popular they will.

    The Arli is a modified version of a vintage bag. Only the GG logo is biGGer.

    I think the initial price point is too high. If you look at the Marmont (camera) and the Dionysus they represented good value against other brands all-leather offerings when they first came out. Time will tell.

    BTW I've modified the title of this thread. If lots of people buy and are enthusiastic we can make it a club thread.
  8. ...and these celebs are gifted these bags, it's actually very off-putting for me, 'cheap' marketing and large logos do not necessarily make for a good bag.
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  9. I agree! The price is high and I don’t see this bag taking off to be honest. I tried it on and wasn’t tempted to buy it. The logo is actually very shiny gold, I thought it was going to be a brushed aged gold but it isn’t. I hope the price points don’t all start this high for future models.

    Sorry is Loggo meant to be spelt with 2 Ls?
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  10. Zoe Kravitz with the Gucci Arli bag.
  11. Veronika Heilbrunner
  12. Anyone own this bag?
    I’m interested with the white Arli
    But couldn’t find much information on this bag
  13. It’s quite a new bag and it doesn’t seem like many people own it yet. The White is pretty with the gold hardware.
    4BB7AAFA-0F6A-4225-AEF5-F069ED59E04B.jpeg 28D44FBC-2570-4BEF-BC51-F5B104828115.jpeg
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  14. I have the bag in black, it’s a beautiful bag and I love the big shiny GG logo. The leather is quite delicate so it’s a bag that needs to be treated with care but I definitely recommend it! Hope this helps :smile:
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  15. Hi can you share pictures? It’s nice to hear from people that own the bag other than celebrities. :smile: