Gucci Arli GG Loggo Bag

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    Hi what does everyone think of the new Gucci Arli collection?

    It currently features a top handle tote bag and also a shoulder bag which can be worn crossbody.

    The bag is really growing on me and I can see myself buying the small shoulder bag. I love the classic smooth leather contrasted by the oversized statement double GG Logo.

    Here is a picture from the Gucci campaign featuring the bag in red, black and white.
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    Here a pictures of the medium Gucci Arli shoulder bag in suede. Colours featured are Bordeaux (Burgundy) and Dark Blue (navy). Love the 70s vintage vibes.
    BB547C2A-94F9-4667-AD82-5BAFCEB61DE0.jpeg 9085C7B7-721A-4735-8B4B-AD7DA8467833.jpeg 33D01121-B990-40E4-BFBA-8EF03770C501.jpeg BD2926B5-8A9F-4F45-AC3B-10D1286B78B1.jpeg D6FA8053-05AE-43D5-A228-D0ED606707ED.jpeg
  3. Here are some photos of the Arli bag from an editorial in Elle Korea. The editorial features males wearing the Arli bag. I love that Gucci are making their bags unisex. It also features the Arli bag in Ostrich Skin which retails for close to US$8000.
    C429817D-13B7-4A4A-9AB4-9CA930C89C2F.jpeg 1E6CF49E-2048-43AA-ABE0-44AC20B93022.jpeg 69CDB67C-3CEA-4F00-88E3-4AE0DA437BC6.jpeg
  4. Here is the Medium Arli bag in Black Suede with black snakeskin detail, grommet trim and metal studs.
    B76F6CD9-9327-43C2-8FFC-298CCF94E2AF.jpeg 1FF9530E-EBFE-4B9C-92C9-A3392FC51141.jpeg DAA5CA60-959D-438F-ABD5-7F00F38C2579.jpeg
  5. Here are photos of the classic black Gucci Arli bag in the Small size worn by Asian celebrities. I really like the oversized gold double GG Logo which I didn’t think I would like.
    F034A46E-DF62-4788-9F76-D0475E436AE8.jpeg 52F16FDA-6B88-4A9B-B741-841C1BCE7D57.jpeg ED2A88D5-C4CF-43E4-81FA-AA69E284986B.jpeg 7D081284-CF7D-4239-A0AF-29A264DBE6B3.jpeg E430B3B0-ACE8-444B-97BB-DC7A93FF0BE2.jpeg
  6. Here is a picture of the Gucci Arli bag in brown Snakeskin. It retails for about US$5000.
    658A06F8-501E-47F3-B1AD-AE6507C71B77.jpeg D1C3AAA1-DED3-4F37-ABB2-12CBA0729419.jpeg
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  7. A male Asian celebrity wearing the Gucci Arli Medium in snakeskin. Looks great!
    482786EF-E66D-4D84-9B08-0B4D885AFB6B.jpeg 31A015FC-F90F-4329-B41A-7057AA718CE8.jpeg
  8. Gucci Arli Small in White with gold GG Hardware.
    1ED9432F-836D-4977-9AB9-BC86B633EF64.jpeg 0AD26D4B-FE17-4464-87B8-7714E6A47840.jpeg 48271671-9B2C-4FCD-AF15-6C5D14274702.jpeg 969429A1-86F5-43C0-BA50-176F10912FC5.jpeg
  9. Here are photos of the Ostrich Skin Gucci Arli Top Handle Bag worn by a stylish Asian celebrity.
    2ABB67C7-809C-4000-BC05-EE385136FE31.jpeg E3247D76-A491-4649-8175-ACE08BEE13D7.jpeg 58814EB3-A596-4663-B0CE-EC2200782B9A.jpeg
  10. Gucci Arli Top Handle Bag featured in Elle Korea magazine.
    DE90EFC5-397C-4ABC-A032-777ACBA4E06A.jpeg BC7B8144-5F09-49CB-A4A4-7F0CA01ADFAD.jpeg
  11. Other photos of the Top Handle Bag from the Gucci Arli collection.
    DED74178-56DC-4201-BF44-EEE4A5A2D7A0.jpeg 561EC32F-9AE5-4C09-9E8B-AFB598FA5671.jpeg 6E25C779-A8C4-4230-8064-7550D68B3CB6.jpeg E0CFE794-9490-4C64-841E-94A7F5AB65A1.jpeg
  12. The last photo is bizarre.
  13. The Arli bags featured prominently in the Gucci Cruise 2019 Runway fashion show.
    6D0DD297-F1E8-43FD-9BC3-18D598BDED2F.jpeg D28106E1-2362-4C09-B1B9-18072497DCB1.jpeg 3EBBEBA7-1D1C-4BC4-8359-2217264CC2B9.jpeg 9FB9C8A0-30E4-47BD-A2BC-E3DF2F2B4C3D.jpeg
  14. Don’t we all casually milk our cows carrying Gucci haha :biggrin: yes it’s a bizarre photo.
  15. Elle Korea
    942B930F-ECEE-4FF9-B836-6FD456D39B78.jpeg 07F88473-1863-4227-BFA4-2A9FC29B4826.jpeg 516DFD6C-9E6F-4C0E-A3B7-97E619138B59.jpeg 35785A39-2973-4736-9E10-1DF78F0B121A.jpeg