Givenchy GV3 Medium

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  1. Oh
    Oh my , that’s really long
    I prefer the medium size
    I feel the small size is too small
  2. Does this the closure lock securely when it is flipped down? I'm worried about it opening easily as I live in a congested city and worry about pickpocketing. Is there an adjustable leather strap that can be purchased separately? Thanks!
  4. I don't always go on this forum but here's what I have in my med GV3 (wallet, little makeup bag, reusable bag, mini powerbank in the pouch) :smile: I still have a bit of space in the main compartment for small things.

    The lock closure is the only way the bag stays put...I've accidentally flipped the lock and there's the odd time the bag opens if I've put too much stuff in it.
    A14700BE-DA43-4E62-B7F6-04C931C51DF2.jpeg 2564521E-6174-4641-8A9E-14CB5F6D7AC8.jpeg
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  5. I haven't had any problems with the lock. When it is flipped down, it is securely closed. Yet it is not hard to flip it up and open it (it's both good and bad).
    As an adjustable strap you can basically buy anything you like from any brand