Givenchy GV3 Medium

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  1. Hi guys
    I’m so tempted to get this bag
    What do you think of this bag

    Anyone own this bag?
    Hows the bag holding up?
    Is the suede high maintenance?

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  2. I have the pure leather version (I wasn't too crazy over the leather/suede version), I love it!! I've only had mine for 4 months and it's pretty can hold more than it looks
  3. Hi what color is your gv3 and did you get the medium size? Do you think the medium size looks too long horizontally ?
  4. Yes I have the medium, mine is all black with silver hardware. I think the photos online make it look too long, it's around 28 cm in length...definitely a little smaller than a standard ruler. Hope that helps!
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    Hi thanks again for your response
    Yes the pictures looks pretty long
    Because if 28cm its pretty similar to lv alma bb
    And I don’t think alma bb is that long...

    Do you use both chain & long leather strap? I know the long strap is not adjustable , will it be too long for 5” person?

    Another question, do you think €1,488/$1696 with tax is a good price for this bag? Did you get yours at this price too?
  6. I don't have any LV bags so can't say!

    I do use both the chain and long strap...mostly the long one now that it's winter and I prefer a crossbody bag for winter. The strap is actually just right for me, I'm around the same height too!

    Can't remember how much I paid for mine but that price sounds pretty decent, I think retail here in Canada is around CAD $3600, I got mine cheaper on Luisaviaroma's sale last fall.
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  7. Hi
    I wonder why this bag wasn’t a hit? Can’t find much reviews online. I think it looks classic
  8. Could you post a picture of what fits in the medium GV3?
  9. I love the look of this bag and am also surprised it wasn’t more popular. I read a couple comments here that people thought it was kinda boring. I don’t think that but fwiw.
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  10. I have GV3 Medium in black full goat leather (so with silver hardware). I wanted something as an everyday bag so opted for the most boring version :smile:- black and full goat leather as the suede is more likely to wear off especially on the corners. But I have to admit that the ones with suede and goat together looks prettier. It is quite spacey inside (fits my essentials incl a sunglass case and I am able put my beanie, glows...etc).

    2 downsides for me are: 1) shoulder strap not adjustable. only the large size comes with an adjustable strap. I find it very annoying when designer bags don't provide even a simple feature that you need and can find in any random bag at street stores. But I guess this is a way to create a market for separate straps that are being sold for hundreds of dollars. 2) Chain and the small medallion make little noise as you walk. But not too much.
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  11. Hi there
    Thank you for sharing your experience with this bag.
    Do you think this bag is heavy?
    Do you normally use the chain or the leather strap?
    Oh and do you think the bag is slim or bulky when it’s stuffed?
  12. Yes i think it looks classic and quite pretty.
  13. Hi,
    The bag is not heavy for me but it is not the lightest as it has a chain (weight of the bag is 1 kg).
    In m opinion the look of the bag doesn't change much when I put stuff on it. So if you think the bag is slim, it will also be slim when you fill it.
    I have been using the leather strap (even though I get annoyed of the length every time. for your reference, I am 165 cm) mostly with coats and thick clothes but I think I will use the chain as well in spring/summer.
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  14. Hi,

    Oh do you think the leather strap is too long? Do you normally carry the bag crossbody or on your shoulder?
    I’m 155cm, it will be even longer for me ..
    Yeah i kinda think the bag looks pretty slim from the side based on picture you feel the bag is bulky?

  15. I usually carry as a shoulder more than a crossbody and that is why I think the strap is long unfortunately.
    I don't feel the bag as bulky. But may be try the small one for yourself if you have questions about the size?