"Gifts" from Cartier SAs

I've mentioned this in a previous post but i'll mention it again. My SA said that some locations are franchised and those locations do not have gifts while the locations that are owned by Richemont will. I've been given trinket trays, champagne, multiple boxes of chinese red envelopes, watch roll, and plush animals. I would say build a relationship with your SA.
Just out of curiosity, how would we know which boutiques are owned by Richemont? I’m assuming those would just be the big flagship stores?
My Cartier SA often gifts me with chocolates, books and champagne. But once we were buying a gold panther watch for my birthday and she gave me a beautiful wallet. She let me choose from the wallets they had available and I took a long continental wallet in deep mahogany color. Very classic and beautiful.
When was this and what location out of curiosity? Thank you!