Giant Madagascar Hissing Cockroach Brooch

  1. Roaches are disgusting, but they should not be tortured by people sticking crystals to them and tying them to pins while they are alive. Hate to sound awful but if the roaches were killed first and there carapace were made into a broche, I would not have a problem with it ethically (though real bugs as jewelry are still gross dead or alive). It would be the same as farming furs. It is inhumane to make the animal live as a piece of jewelry though.
  2. I have a horrible fear of roaches... it's debilitating. I can't imagine paying $80 to let one crawl on me! The people that make these things are MORE than welcome to come to New Orleans and take all of the roaches they want! We'd be more than happy to part with a few. :yes:
  3. Ewwww. that is so gross!
  4. It doesn't matter whether it's a cockroach or a dog, it's still a living thing and that is DISGUSTING and SHAMEFUL.
  5. this would be great for me to wear to church all the obnois nuns will leave me alone now, im off to order 5!!!
  6. But farming fur is cruel because first of all it's uneccessary to kill animals for fur and also they anally electocute fur animals such as mink. Not sure that is such a nice thing to do for such an uneccessary purpose...
  7. Mmmkay I'll pass. I prefer everything I wear to not be alive.
    And I have a really huge fear of cockroaches (even the tiny ones) even though I know that they are harmless and one of the cleanest insects out there. Ahhhh.
    Oh, and also.. this is the insect equivalent of dressing up a tiny dog and carrying it around. If you want to have a cockroach that can make noises at you as a pet then go ahead but don't get one just because it's "in fashion".
    I swear this world gets kookier every day!

  8. LOL!! That is the craziest thing that i have see on tPF!!! I hate bugs, so this would be one of my worse nightmares come to life!!! Who would take the time to decorate a cockroach and sell it as a pet? Crazy!!!
  9. What the h*** is wrong with ppl....this is so inhumane and disgusting....

    Doesnt all its forms...have any meaning anymore???!!!!:hysteric:
  10. I am amazed at all the negativity towards cockroaches. Are you girls for real? I own a colony of these little guys and girls. They are amazing animals. I am not against dressing up your pet cockroach, as long as while you are weraring it, you take in account that it may be cold and it needs food and water because they get dehydrated. The insects wouldn't know any different and it is not hurting them in the least. I am an animal activist as well as a bug lover and i don't think there is anything wrong with using your pet as an accessory as long as it is receiving adequate care and respect it deserves.
  11. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  12. This actually isn't cruel, considering you care for the roach properly when it's not being worn. The crystals' weight aren't anything to the roach, since they are very strong animals (due to their muscles being surrounded by bone, meaning more attachment areas for muscles, allowing for a stronger build). The glue doesn't harm them at all, and it doesn't hinder their breathing, since the crystals are attached to the carapace of their thorax, and they breathe from the sides of their abdomens. Roaches molt throughout their lives, so if the roach isn't too old, then they just shed their exoskeleton, crystals and all, come their next molt, no harm done. It's the same as gluing them to a turtle's shell, which would do no harm, what so ever.

    When I get my colony of hissers, I'm going to give this a try, one because I love roaches, and two, to see if there is any difference in health or survival of the roaches.

    Hope this helps!
  13. :sick:
  14. icky!
  15. Yuck this is one of the most disgusting ideas ever! Shows not all designers have taste.