Gerard Darel Chain-Strap Bag

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  1. So yours is smaller than the charlotte 24? I wonder how much so. Do you mind posting the dimensions of yours? I might find the charlotte a little bit too big for me anyway. Is yours a shoulderbag?

    Sorry for so many ???s. I am SO excited that it's coming out, but if I'm in US how could I order out of country? Could I even?

  2. I have the Charlotte 24! Not the mini sac drape so i don't know the dimensions of this one! In the charlotte 24 fit plenty of stuff but i wouldn't say it is too big! Just the right size! And yes, it is a shoulder bag!

    I don't know how you can get the bags in the US:sad: Maybe some of the ladies here will help you out on that!
  3. I wonder what time it is in France? I want to call the GD store and find out :smile:[/quote]

    Spiralsnowman, did you call the GD store yet? Did you find out anything about the bag????

    Would love to know!!!
  4. ladies, i'm sorry to say i'll be able to go back to the shop friday or saturday, no sooner:cry:
    you'll have to wait some more days for the photoes:cry:
  5. I am so thankful that you'll do it so it is not a problem at all for me!!! You take your time :P
  6. is there an online site where you can purchase those bags??
  7. No, there is no site :cry:
  8. I noticed you are in Canada from another thread, Holt Renfrew stocks Gerard Darel now but they only have 3 colours for the charlotte 24 and a bigger one in dark brown (gorgeous!). HR is just testing the market now.
  9. I was going to call, and suddenly realized that they probably don't speak English, and I can't speak French... :shame: *blush* Lol!

    Instead I called Bergdorf Goodman in NY, and the SA told me that they are all sold out of the black. They do have white, brown suede, and "periwinkle" (as she called it)

    She didn't know about the chain-strap bag, but she told me to call back in 2 weeks, as they will be getting new stuff in for GD.
  10. Don't worry spiralsnowman, i will call the shop in paris on monday!!!
  11. Omigod, how can i get a python one? :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: Any suggestions will be appreciated.
  12. Oh, thanks v. much Darelgirl, please let me know what they say *hugs* ;)
  13. I will!!!:P A soon as I find out anything new i will post it here :nuts:
  14. Its only available in Paris boutique. Call them, maybe they could send it to u. They all can speak English!