Gerard Darel Chain-Strap Bag

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  1. Has anyone checked out the GD chain strap bag? Divina? Ika was kind enough to post a pic on TFS, and I think that does it for me... I really love it. If anyone knows where I can find one in the states, please let me know :amuse:.

  2. I saw that this morning and got excited, but I wonder if the rest of the bag is exactly the same as the Charlotte?
  3. It looks like it... But I don't like the shiny patent-leather texture of the one in the pic that much; the original soft matte leather would look great in this style, I think. I wonder what time it is in France? I want to call the GD store and find out :smile:
  4. spiralsnowman i can't see the pic:cry: :cry: :cry:
  5. Darelgirl is that your bag in your avatar? I am in love :love:

    Wondering if the original Darel would be too big for someone 5'? It's such a great classic style.

  6. Hi,,,,the picture above is from me, its from my magazine and i put it in the TFS.
    That is the latest bag from GD. I was in Paris last week and they display the bag. I wanted to buy it but not for sale yet..i was so dissapointed.
    Its gorgeous bag, the one that ive seen is in choco brown leather and gold chain strap. The picture from the ad is with shining leather.
    So ladies, i guess this bag will be big in Paris soon..heheh
  7. Oh,,,i forgot to tell, the price is only 308Euro.
    I can see why Gerard Darel bag is so famous in Paris,,its everywhere! When I would live there, I dont think I would choose this bag, because everyone carrying the same bag. But I live in Germany, so maybe I should get one. hehe

  8. Ika can you send me the pic of the bag through a pm??? I cant se it :cry: :cry:
  9. Don't know where to find the picture either...
  10. Sorry girls, let me try again

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  11. It's so funny, when I saw the picture my first thought was "Has Darelgirl seen this?"... :amuse:
  12. Oooo...goody. Can't wait to see if they will sell in US
  13. Thats kinda cute! I really like GD.
  14. Thanks spiralsnowman! Heading down to my local store to see if they have it tomorrow.
  15. sorry i was not present recently, i had my aunt in the house!
    anyway, i know there is that bag but i haven't seen it in person! i wen to the darel sore and there are other nice styles: there is a small bag and a flat hobo, they are both so pretty! i have to go bag to the shop and take pictures!