Gemstone Collection


YT @ Hearty Pleasures :)
Nov 13, 2015
London, UK
What a fun thread! There is so much focus on tPF on diamonds…it’s nice to find fellow gemstone lovers! I love all the colors and fun of various stones…I’ll just post a few of my favorites. Blue sapphire wedding set and alexandrite solitaire, and prehnite and mother-of-pearl rings.

Plus, thinking of adding this London blue topaz tennis bracelet (bottom pic) to my collection. I’d been thinking of a DBTY bracelet but also love tennis bracelets as the design goes all the way around. But find diamond tennis styles a bit to blingy for my everyday look (I’m VERY casual) so thought a gemstone tennis bracelet might be better, kwim!?!

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These are stunners! I'm glad that I've created this thread and connect to fellow gemstones lover. I'm ecstatically happy to see everyone's collection and different stones and designs. Yay!


Jan 25, 2015
I wanted to try a gem from a cutter direct for the first time so I asked him to do one parti sapphire in a cut that he does predominantly. It's a cute little one in yellow+green. Flown in from down under. Now I've to think what setting I should do on a ring.
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Finally went to collect my overdue ring :P

Theres a Xmas decor next to the jeweller shop but couldn't get a clear pic with all the backlights.

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