FW21 LV x Fornasetti


Jul 20, 2017
If we order, how long until we receive the items? Like next year or within a month?
Depending where you are in the world. My understanding is US will be releasing the collection in August. Of course it also depends on where your store is located. Flagship such as soho, 5th ave, and Beverly Hills will get the collection first compare to stores inside a mall in smaller cities. It also depends on how much you spend at your local store. The ones who spend the most will get the bags first as can be expected.
Jun 5, 2006
Queens, NY
That document looking clutch is really nice but I wonder how I would use it. I would have to see it live and in person. The OnTheGo and Noe are my faves so far.
May 17, 2017
Orange County, CA
I ordered a petit sac plat! Looks like pre-orders are selling out quickly, anyone else order a piece from the upcoming collection?
I also ordered a petit sac plat along with the Petite Malle, a scarf, and the plates! This collection has to be one of my all time favorites and I think the petit sac plat is absolutely stunning in the print!