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  1. Vanbod--I have this bag in the midi size with the purple lining and it remains one of my all time favorites. The strap is so comfortable--I can carry it all day with no issues. Lucky find!
  2. I got this awhile ago but haven't posted it. I am in love with this bag--the leather is so much better in person than in pictures and it has proven to be a real workhorse. Would have loved a Barcelona in this leather, too.

    Why do my pictures keep rotating? sigh...
  3. Tejas, I'm a fan of the London too. When it first launched, i wasn't sure as I'm generally not a tote carrier. I have the warm grey snake large and a black ostrich print midi and they are super - the straps are really comfortable for thinner straps.

    I can't believe how light the full size TMA is, I'd have thought it would be heavier as it is a big bag. It's way lighter than my Rock Me although that is in the original thick pebbled black leather.
  4. A few pics of the pre-loved Cobalt and a size comparison with the TMA midi.
    Cobalt1.jpg Cobalt2.jpg Large vs midi.jpg reverse pocket.jpg
  5. Vanbod--I love your TMAs and your LM! I feel so lucky that I have a couple of dark grey matte bags. The TMA Midi is great size--I often use it for conferences and conventions and even just as a day bag--I use a Tenba wrap for my DSLR and can fit my notepad and other things inside and it just looks great. I've had many people ask me about that bag.
  6. Love that dark grey matte! Enjoy!
  7. It is a great size. In the comparison shot, it looks small but it is definitely not a small bag. It's just the full size is so big. Love them both!
  8. My tan matte Take Me Away arrived - this is such a gorgeous leather, not orange at all. The bag has a lot of space. I've always wanted one of these but other purchases always stood in the way. Thanks to a lovely BE friend, this is now a reality.
    Take Me Away 1.jpg Take Me Away 2.jpg Take Me Away 3.jpg
  9. I loved the warm grey snakeprint even though I really didn't think I would like snakeprint at all in the beginning. I have two bags in this, the full size London Tote and this NY Satchel - I think this is the midi size. I had worried that it would be too boxy, but in the snakeprint leather it smooshes just enough. Hopefully my phone camera shot does it justice.
    NY Satchel.jpg
  10. Just noticed your Pictures VanB..and your new bags look so great!:p
  11. Great bags, VanBod. The snake skin and the cobalt are drool worthy. All them are great finds.
  12. Thanks both. Now let's hope the Autumn/Winter collection is actually a collection and not the rather disappointing squib that was Spring/Summer 2013! Some new styles and leathers would be good to lust after.
  13. Reading these posts reminds me of why I so love BE and the leather that Jackie picks for our bags! I do have a few bags I hang onto and hope some new (or vintage) styles come out soon!!
  14. I added a Vermillion Chevre Covet Me Mini and a Chestnut Chevre NY Satchel Mini to my collection.

    Both bags are lovely, this leather is very soft. The size of the Covet Me Mini is probably the smallest bag I've ever bought (not counting the Clutch Me) so it is going to be an adjustment but I'm looking forward to scaling back on what I tote around daily.
  15. Here's the vermillion Covet Me Mini. This is so light to carry. The previous owner BECed the bag with a different tassel on the front and added a chain to the standard leather strap.
    IMG00219-20140315-0918.jpg IMG00220-20140315-0919.jpg