~From Her Hands to Mine~ The place to reveal your new-to-you BE!!

  1. Have you ever bought a BE bag on an auction site, and got her home and wanted to show her off to the world...only you bought her from a tpf'er and know your beauty was already revealed....so you feel shy about starting a new thread to re-reveal a bag??

    I know I have...and I think we need a place here to just be able to show off our new-to-me bag...and let others see the beauty again...because while your bag may have already been revealed...she was not revealed by YOU!

    So come on ladies...feel free to post your newly adopted BE bags here in this thread!!
  2. And yes...I started this thread because of a beauty that I snagged off the bay who arrived in my home yesterday...and darn it...I want to show her off!!

    So I have been wanting to try a Charm Me Midi for a long time...but they rarely pop up on the auction sites...and I have had my eyes peeled...I have loved seeing reveals of these, and one recently was just stunning...

    And then I was just checking the bay...and there it was!! I did not think, just hit the "Buy it Now" button...and then the wait came as I bought it from a lovely tpf'er in the UK...well, I finally got my first Charm Me Midi in my hands yesterday and all I can say is I am in LURVE :love: with this bag!!!

    So here is my new-to-me Charm Me Midi in Dark Matte tan...and she is a beauty!

  3. This bag is the perfect bag for me size wise....I tend to love the Love Me Mini...so I needed to pull mine out to see how they stack up...and I thought I would post that in case it helps anyone with size reference.

    Charm Me Midi (tan) vs. Love Me Mini (fuchsia)

  4. Ode,

    I am twelve shades of jealous that you found that amazing dark tan CMM! It must have not been up for long. Absolutely beautiful. I hope you enjoy it immensely!
  5. Great buy!! So you snagged it..good for you!:biggrin:

    Since you also enjoy the LMM..do you think you'll miss the strap on the CMM?
    ..how do you find the leather? I only have a swatch, so it can be hard to establish the wieght etc
  6. Yea...I don't think this auction was up long and for once I was in the right place at the right time!

    Bonnie...I really like this leather...do you know if there are other colors in the thick matte? I love it...I don't know if I would like it on a bag I wanted to be smooshy...but for this style it is perfect! I think it will wear very well!

    Strap wise...I really don't use the straps on my Love Me mini's....so I don't think I will miss it...
  7. odebdo! This thread is a fabulous idea! Your CMM and LMM are both gorgeous!

    Love the comparison shot!

    The leather on the CMM is so yummy I could weep! And your LMM is just about the happiest sweetest thing, is she not?!?

    I will add one for you that I have not revealed here yet for that very reason! Let me gather some shots and I will post back shortly!

    Wonderful idea from a wonderful lady!
  8. Deb! Can't believe you snapped this up. I have been hoping that Prada would list it but you got it. I love the leather. I think they did the thick matte in chocolate too. They took it off as an option on BEC but I'm sure Jackie could get some for you if you really wanted another bag in this!
  9. Oh YAY Lovehandbags!! Can't wait to see the new "adopted" members of your BE family!

    VanBod...I can't believe it either...I just hit the buy it button and later actually thought about it! LOL! But it is just so beautiful...I am thrilled to adopt Prada's beautiful creation! And thanks for the info on the other leather...I may have to email Jackie!
  10. ok, odebdo, in your honor!

    I am not even certain I was fully awake in the wee small hours of the morning when I clicked so fast on this one. What a truly wonderful lady that loved and cared for her well. I adore this WTM like you could not even imagine! (Scratch that, you all can imagine, lol)

    :ghi5:From her lovely hands to mine - - - our Aubergine WTM (full)



    Two incoming parcels "on truck for today's deliveries" one of which is pre-loved so I will add pix this afternoon.

    Thanks again odebdo, what a fabulous idea!
  11. Oh wow...she is so pretty!! I still have a desire for a bag in aubergine!

    And :yahoo:...TWO parcels...it's your lucky day Love!
  12. What a great idea for a thread! Your bags are gorgeous ladies!
  13. ticccccccccccccck, tockkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, ticcccccccccccccck, tockkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    My heart even skipped a beat when I saw a white truck, but dread it was only the Lawn Feritlizer dude making his rounds.

    I even had time to whip up DH's birthday cake (and ate lunch twice, lol) - - - - no parcels yet..... :sleepy: :popcorn: :tumbleweed:
  14. congrats!
  15. I've been shamelessly revealing my eBay bags when I get them and they have all bar one been bought from fellow tpers :lol: