Franck Muller Watches for women

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  1. Kma_ana, I think those watches you have are goregous! I fell in luv with the Curvex ever since I saw Eva Langoria with one (she has the one with diamonds on band) the one I'm getting is more of an everyday type of watch because of the size and the diamonds just add a little sparkle!
  2. #17 Jul 15, 2009
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  3. i have a conquistador and a black color dreams curvex...i love them both! They are great watches!
  4. I love Franck Muller watches. They are like Patek Philippe watches only a modern incarnation. Very beautiful.
  5. They are great dress watches, i have a cintree curvex white gold diamond bezel with black croc strap, its very nice! Not so keen on the colored dreams.
  6. This is a nice watch, did you get it already? May I know how much is this? Because I have this in white gold but with diamonds all over the casing and on the band :biggrin: Thanks, hope to hear from you.