Franck Muller Watches for women

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  1. Hi ladies, wondering if anyone of you owns a Franck Muller watch? How long have you had it and how would you rate it? Thinking of getting one for myself and I am still weighing the pros and cons. Your suggestions might help, thanks guys.
  2. I have both a Curvex and Long Island.
    Curvex for about 1 year and Long Island for 6 months.
    I love my Curvex alot! I got a Sunset in size 6850 in Rose Gold.
    It is really versatile and I like how it can be dressed up or down.
    I hardly wear my Long Island, it is special but kinda hard to match ...
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    here's mine. i'll take a better pic later. casablanca (or curvex? - i need to check) with diamonds on a clue croc band (and i love it - i have it for 4 yrs) :

  4. I have a men's Conquistador and it is one of my favorite watches. It is big and heavy and wonderful!

    It is the watch on the right in this picture.

  5. i have a long island in rose gold n i love itttt so much, its so versatile, from dress to jeans....from formal to casual =) n my mom has the curvex like patz but in bigger size, and its so elegant n versatile from day to night but unfortunately on my arms...i think long island suit me better =)
  6. All your watches are stunning! Thanks for posting pictures.
  7. I have a Curvex for a little over 1 month. It's little heavier than my rolexes, but I love it because it's versatile and oversize.

    Here is the pic:

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  8. i have a color dream with rectangular face with stainless steal bracelet. My camera is broken and my iphone camera simply can't capture the watch but i adore it.
  9. That's a beautiful watch!!
  10. It's really nice to see these photos. I was considering a Franck Muller for some time, but I didn't like the way they looked on me. Still, beautiful watches and a great investment (IMO).
  11. fabcloset, do you know which FM that you will be getting?
  12. Amazing watches everyone!

    This is the watch that will soon be mine...

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  13. Hi ladies

    I think Frank Muller satisfy most of tastes

    I bought Long Island in White gold two years ago , the price was 33000 $


    Last month I Order for the Master Square in rose gold the big size (like lower image)
    the local agent in QATAR tell me that they are not sure when they will get it maybe in september


    the good news that the Frank Muller prices become less

    (my next) Master Square watch with diamonds become 25000 $ in my country :smile:
  14. Absolutely stunning watches kma_ana!

    Sprinkles n bling, I still don't know, maybe a curvex.

  15. thanks dear

    For me .. I prefer wearing large size watch

    I would suggest Curvex to u coz its elegant in all events