Franck Muller Color Dreams vs. Rolex Oyster Perpetual 39 Red Grape, which one?

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  1. This is my photoshop of my design. This time I go neutral coz I want to be able to dress it up and down, suit my work wardrobe but can also be worn with jeans. And I feel that Cartier Tank is a more sophisticated style (compared to Rolex which is more sporty) so I don’t wanna go too wild with colors lol!

    If I’m impressed with their quality, I’d like to get a customized Rolex in colorful colors like mint, pink or aqua in the future! I literally feel like I’m in a candy store browsing their website! Lol!

    La Californienne Cartier finalfinal.jpg
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  2. hikarupanda,

    Thank you for sharing your watch design concept.

    It looks like a very versatile choice!
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