Finally LV Peace: My Reveal

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  1. It's a great looking bag, carefree, and I love the heavy-duty strapping LV uses. Congrats!
  2. Lovely! Congrats
  3. You know when I first bought the bag it stated there was a pouch in the front. I said I don’t see any pouch; they’re mistaken. :biggrin: Until about 3 times using the bag I scratched my head and said, where did that pouch come from. :lol: I guess being new, it was molded together till after use is when I found it. :lol:
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  4. I honestly forgot about that pocket until I found it and was like... oh ya! I like how discreet it is.
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  5. Looks great on you!!
  6. I tried to sell Masacar District on eBay but got very little interest - only a few cheeky offers were sent. I'm delighted as it's always been a favourite and I know I'd have regretted it. It's such a carefree bag. I love your version.
  7. There's nothing better than a beautiful bag that also functions perfectly! It looks so nice on you. Enjoy!
  8. Congratulations, the bag looks really great on you! The ME canvas print is awesome, I'm addicted to it as well
  9. What an awesome, useful bag and it looks great on you! Congrats and enjoy!!
  10. Great looking bag. I have had the bosphore messenger for years and get so much use out of it- the strap is like the district and so comfortable! I want to upgrade to the district for sure. Love this combo.
  11. I love it! I think it looks awesome one you!
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  13. This bag looks great on you, doesn’t matter that’s it’s a men’s bag. It’s all about the lo9 and how you wear it. It suits you, and it looks amazing, so much I want one too. See, great advertising already hahaha enjoy your new beauty
  14. You look amazing with your new bag, enjoy her! :smile:
    And congrats on finding LV peace!