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Jan 15, 2006
I second (or third?) the commments about the strength and durability of the Kate Spade diaper bag. I used mine day in and day out as my only bag for three years straight. As you can imagine, I was desperate to get rid of it so when my mother had a moving sale I included it hoping someone would just relieve me of the burden of owningship.

I was stunned to find that someone was willing to pay $20 for it, after all the wear and tear it'd been through. (My husband once drove over it.) But it still looked good enough after all that, that someone was willing to buy it from me for ten percent of its original price.

Anyway, for my laptop, I use the black Kate Spade laptop bag that I bought six or seven years ago. I don't carry my laptop that often, so the bag still looks like new after all these years. I'll post a picture of it later.


Sep 2, 2018
I may be the only one who actually like Kate Spade here ;). I've amassed quite a collection of KS over the years, but go mostly for her more unusual things - not the standard nylon line (although at one point I did have the Claire bag and backpack, and still own a messenger bag). I personally think that the line has a very retro/mod sensibility that is also classic (I mean, take a look at the way she is photographed and dressed!). She has a few nylon totes geared towards laptops (although it may be plain and boring), and I find the them to be very durable. I'm not entirely sure about the canvas bags. If you decide to go with her line, I'd recommend either leather or nylon.

I love Kate Spade leathers. I find they are better than Coach lately. The styles are girlish which I like.I actually got 2 on sale prior to Christmas. Perfect size for my iPad, wallet, makeup bag, etc.
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Jan 25, 2020
While I don't have a work tote sized bag, i've found that all of my other KS bags have held up really nicely to some significant abuse, as well as held their shape well. I haven't been as fond of the design styles the last few years, but love the ones I've had for a few years and still use them regularly. Sign up on the mailing list and stock up during their surprise sales.