feelings about kate spade

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  1. how do you feel about kate spade?

    im looking for totes that i can put my laptop in or school stuff, i liked this LV antigua in white and black, but until become more careful i dont think i could handle a bag like that, and when i use that tote, i need to be concentrating more then 'oh f-- im going to ruin this!' so i was thinking kate spade totes, what do you think?
  2. it's hard to destroy or even mar anything mad out of epi leather from LV- see what they have, and if it is in your price range. you can really "beat it up" and just wipe it off- it still looks great.
  3. i wish i could be a huge LV bag, but i got college to think about :sad:
  4. good point. it would cost a couple of credits..
  5. I would think kate spade fabric totes wouldn't take heavy duty usage without looking beat up. There are a lot of great leather or treated canvas totes out there that would stand up to that kind of use. Have you looked at Burberry or some of the nice leather totes from Banana Republic?
  6. a penny for your thoughts? here are just a few i saw at reasonable prices:

    or know any other totes? i dont want a really high end tote like LV or chanel, since im planning to buy either an LV or chanel wallet and or purse.
  7. i actually got a great leather tote in orange from J.Jill- reasonably priced, very roomy, zippered inner pocket- great for a laptop and files. check them out.
  8. I don't have suggestions but I don't like Kate Spade. I think the fabric could be nicer for the price unless you get a great sale price that is.
  9. [​IMG]
  10. oh so the fabric isnt of a good quality?
  11. not a big fan of kate spade.
  12. aarti, I'd never carry a white fabric bag for everyday. It would show every spot of dirt and I don't know if you can have them cleaned. Also check out the Coach outlet, you might be able to get a nice quality tote at a greatly reduced price.
  13. I had a bad experience with the brown and wouldn't purchase another. That was years ago. Maybe someone has a recent bag. Sorry...it just didn't make me happy.
  14. burberry and or BR? i should check those out thanks.
  15. i agree, i just saw that bag and just added it on, thats why i didnt go for the lv antigua, i only like it on the white and black, but that would get ruined as soon as i open it.