Fashionphile to UK

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  1. Oh I’m not angry in the least. Nor do I doubt that there are many people who legally use their services and are happy with them. I just want to make sure that whomever is reading this understands that there is a risk that goes with devaluing or requesting removal of the original invoice etc.
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  2. Exactly! The OP is specifically asking about UK experience which I don't believe that particular poster is based. Why the advice of a different country was given is very puzzling.
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  3. Because that specific service can be used from UK and for buying from Fashionphile if someone at their responsibility decide that. How I said in testimonials there are happy UK customers and I can assure you declare value was not real. Many UK customers asking on eBay something to be marked as gift or lower value which is similar.
    And something without connection. eBay uk is the most dangerous place to buy expensive bag with many scammers from around the world and outside EU. These fakes then slip trough UK customs with low value or marked as gift which will not happen if UK customs was so strict. Customs in Switzerland are strict in UK are far away from that.
    That is all what I had to say in that tread :smile:
  4. That's good! Since you are not even based in the UK, I think your knowledge of all things in the UK should stop here.
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