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  1. Has anyone from the UK or Europe purchased from Fashionphile? If so how was it? Did you have to pay import taxes and how long did it take to arrive. Thank you
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  2. Bumping this thread!
    I would love to know the answer to this too.
    I've seen a bag on Fashionphile which would cost me £1950. But it totally depends on customs costs etc, and the more research I've done, the more confused I'm getting!
    Thank you :smile:
  3. Yes, import charged got me and it was much much more expensive than expected, arrival was actually fairly quick, but then I got the note that I have to pay import duties and on top of it what the Royal Mail charges for cashing it (which is about 7 if I remember rightly).

    It turned out that the item was far too small and they only gave the size and not the measurements, so I wanted to return, which I had to pay for, which was also quite expensive as they insist that you use UPS, and then they charged me 10% of the item price for returning.
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  4. Thanks for the info, it's much appreciated.:smile:

    If you don't mind me asking how much was the item you purchased from Fashionphile? and how much were the customs, import and royal mail charges?
    I never knew Royal Mail want paying as well, that's crazy.

    Wow, I always assumed they did free returns, they must be making so much money!

    Urgh I'm so confused. I'm not sure whether it's worth getting this bag if the charges are going to be through the roof. Which is such a shame as its a limited edition piece and really rare to find preloved.
  5. About 200 when I bought it, then came import duties and VAT, plus RM charges, some handling charges and it was about 80 more, which you also do not get refunded when you return, so I would recommend only ordering something you are 100% sure you want to keep, with the return, I basically paid 300 and got 200 back...
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    I was a little hasty . A Gucci weekend bag (£1,350) I wanted on Net-A-Porter had sold out. Gucci don’t stock it anymore. So I scoured the Internet and Fashionphile had 1 new - so I purchased it. I made a little bit of a saving due to exchange rate. Even with the added shipping cost.

    BUT … it’s due to be delivered tomorrow via UPS. When I checked tracking online there are import fees due - £314.21 !! To make it worse, Net-A-Porter has the bag back in stock!!

    My first time shopping with Fashionphile. Shipping is fast. But I didn’t factor in the import fees. Will not be purchasing through them again. Not worth it.
  7. Anything coming from current customs union above £18 is subject to duties etc, even if it's marked as gift. It will be VAT (20%) and import duty (leather bag was 2% last time I checked, which is quite a long time ago), plus RM's handling fee, £7-£8 or something like that.
  8. I live in Norway, and has made several purchases from Fashionphile. In Norway we have to pay 25 % vat, so that+shipping means that I only buy stuff that I can’t get otherwise..
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    Some people use forwarding companies for saving duties. I know which give you forwarding address in USA and Japan. When the package arrive to your forwarding address you have to chose shipping courier and declare value of your forwarded to you package ( can be marked as used bag also). You have many options as pictures, expedited handling, removing original invoice from the inside and send it scanned to you via email. For some expensive purchases saving can be thousands. It is important declare value to be under the minimum for specific country ( in every country is different) when the package is free off custom taxes. I have used that company for purchase from Japan and that costed me around $80 including EMS shipping to my country.
    Note: that is not a recommendation and it is at your responsibility if your package gets stuck in customs for any reason.
    p.s I saw now that opas closed their Japan office and is available only us address ( I have no experience with their us office).
  10. I would be very cautious using these forwarding companies. UK customs are very restrict. Even things marked as used, or gifts are subject to duty. They are not going to believe a package containing a Birkin bag has a declared value of less than £18. If caught, goods are subject to be confiscated. I wouldn't risk it but obviously others' risk appetite may vary.
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  11. Agree there are some risks depending for every country. In my case declare value was $20 and saved me 30% custom taxes which was thousands.
  12. So, at the risk of being a downer, this is illegal and serious. It can not only get your product seized but also potentially get you arrested or, at least, on a list that would make crossing the border extremely difficult for the rest of your life. Most country’s laws do not distinguish this as “just a purse” it falls under smuggling laws.

    It really really is not work it. Even for thousands of dollars. And I wouldn’t be admitting I did it on the internet.
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    In my country is not so serious and you can pay fine in that specific case but will be very difficult to prove it and very unlikely to happen ( in my case I repeat) . Service offered from that company and many many others is completely legal and is used by many people around the world. It is in the terms of the company. See point ''Item value'' here
    I don't encourage any to do it just share my experience with such type legal business. Everyone has a head upon their shoulders.
  14. Sending something through a forwarding company is legal. Devaluing the item is not. Even that link tells you to accurately declare your item’s value. And it really isn’t that difficult to prove.

    I don’t know where you live so I cannot comment on the legality of it but a lot of people here are from places like Canada, the US, the UK or France who all take this kind of thing seriously and I would hate for someone to not understand and get into trouble.
  15. There is no need to get angry. If you don't want devaluing the value just don't. It is a option. You can use forwarding company to buy from Poshmark for example which offer only us shipping and forward the package to you with real value and pay in full. If you look at opas testimonials there are happy customers from Canada, Australia, UK and France