Eye bags

Oh thats extremely pretty.

I was looking for a smaller LV shoulder bag minus the pouchette and I think that one is really nice!

If you got your eyes set for the new collection and like it better than the "eye" bag then wait. However, if you like the eye bag better -grab it before it gets even more scarce with time. You can always resell it -if you find a better one along the way.
I love the eye love collection.

My fav is the Eye Love You, 2nd is Eye Need You and 3rd Eye Miss You. I'm not fond of the Eye Dare You, though :Push:

Anyway, if you get a good price for the EYE NEED YOU, I'd say GO GET IT! :nuts:

and post pics soon :lol:
Ok thanks guys, I hope I do win :smile: --- I really want it now :smile:
Thanks for posting the pic of the inside - I have smaller LV wallets that could fit in it to get more room ...

I am getting the onath GM in yellow --- and I think next month if I do win the eye I will get the perf pouchette in pink...

There is always more time to save for the newer lines ,,, but this bag is just too good to miss ..