Eye bags


@LV Princess@
Dec 10, 2005
So on ebay I have seen a good deal on an eye bag - no the big ''I love you'' , but the next one down the shoulder bag the one Victoria Beckham had.. Its a good price, but is it a bit silly to get this bag now --- is it kinda old hat .. should I save my money to get something that has just come out .....

I am getting the onatah in yellow aswell...

I need help, I know alot of you dont like the eye collection , but i have always liked it but I have alot of MC ....:suspiciou

i think i saw that let-trade had it for a great price......i would get it if i were you (the only reason i don't is because i'm anal about the vachetta and the eventual flaking of the colored monogram.......but i think it's a great colllectible item....
Are you talking about the Eye Need You bag in this pic:

I just got it not too long ago from a friend of my mom's and have NO regrets (there is a pic of it in my bag showcase)!!! It is SO BEAUTIFUL!!! I can't wait for warmer weather to wear it!!! GO FOR IT!!!
LV_addict said:
Not really. Here is a pic of it with Pochette Wallet, Key Pouch and a cell phone in it. You can squeeze some other small stuff in it, but not much.

OMG. if you ever want to get rid of that bag, PM me please. I love that bag