Eye bags

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  1. So on ebay I have seen a good deal on an eye bag - no the big ''I love you'' , but the next one down the shoulder bag the one Victoria Beckham had.. Its a good price, but is it a bit silly to get this bag now --- is it kinda old hat .. should I save my money to get something that has just come out .....

    I am getting the onatah in yellow aswell...

    I need help, I know alot of you dont like the eye collection , but i have always liked it but I have alot of MC ....:suspiciou

    OPINIONS ...
  2. I think you should get it because it's a collector's item.
  3. i think i saw that let-trade had it for a great price......i would get it if i were you (the only reason i don't is because i'm anal about the vachetta and the eventual flaking of the colored monogram.......but i think it's a great colllectible item....
  4. Are you talking about the Eye Need You bag in this pic:
    I just got it not too long ago from a friend of my mom's and have NO regrets (there is a pic of it in my bag showcase)!!! It is SO BEAUTIFUL!!! I can't wait for warmer weather to wear it!!! GO FOR IT!!!
  5. totally off topic but victoria beckham's feet look like they're dying.....
  6. But her shoes are fab !!! :amuse:

    And I think you should get it, they're limited edition and they look fab !
  7. AS ALWAYS!!!:biggrin:
  8. Agreed ! If anything, that woman always has fantastic outfits !
  10. OMG!!! I was just about to say "If only I could find one in black!!!":lol: :lol: :lol:
  11. LOL :smile: -- Is it very roomy ??
  12. Not really. Here is a pic of it with Pochette Wallet, Key Pouch and a cell phone in it. You can squeeze some other small stuff in it, but not much.

  13. OMG. if you ever want to get rid of that bag, PM me please. I love that bag
  14. I have an eye miss you and it is approx the same size as the l'aimable and I think the eye need you is a similar size to the le tal?
  15. I really like the eye love you