ENGAGEMENT RINGS! What does yours look like?


Jun 12, 2009
New York
My wedding had been planned for April 4th. It was only going to be 19 people, but his family is all out of town and my son is in the Navy. All had to drop out and restrictions were leaving me scrambling to make new plans. After my mom got diagnosed with a brain tumor two weeks before the wedding, I said enough and cancelled TBD. The Tuesday before the wedding date, my DH said “let’s get married anyway, just the two of us.” So we did! Best. Decision. Ever. Had the ceremony on our screen porch, first dance in our living room. Wedding lunch and cake (from a box) catered by me in our dining room. It was still special and yes, I tested the waterproof mascara. We even made fun of the pandemic. We will have a party/do over when things calm down and all our family can safely be together to meet and become one. :smile:

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I love your story! And the beautiful pics! Congratulations!
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