ENGAGEMENT RINGS! What does yours look like?

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  1. Beautiful! Do you mind sharing details? I love the thickness of your setting.
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  2. 20190708_170544.jpg 20190708_170530.jpg
    My boyfriend (now fiancé, omg!) proposed yesterday, and I couldn't be happier. Princess cut 0.75c, River(E) color, SI2, size 5. My dream ring (from my dream guy!):biggrin:
  3. Lovely! Congratulations on your engagement!
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  4. Thank you! :hbeat:
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  5. My two tone, rose and white gold Art Deco styled beauty 1.83 carat F color VS1 vintage cut oval. I’m obsessed with vintage cuts!

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  6. Hi! These just came in today and I couldn't wait to get an opinion. The top 5-stone ring is my engagement/wedding ring and I need something to go with it. We were broke grad students when we got married and planned to get a band to go with it or a solitaire one day. That was over 9 years ago, and I'm still not sure I'm a solitaire girl, but I love diamonds :graucho:. So I decided to go band shopping recently to try to get something to make more of a set, and it has been hard! Since this ring sits up a bit, it's hard to find a band with height that goes with it. Do y'all like either of these 2-ring combos, or should I keep both and wear all three like in the last photo? IMG_20190710_135015.jpg IMG_20190710_135039.jpg IMG_20190710_135113.jpg
  7. I like combo #2. The round stones on the bottom ring seem to pick up on the ones in the original ring
  8. Combo #3 gets my vote, love baguettes--little ice cubes.:biggrin:
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  9. Lol, and I like combo #1 and really don’t like the other two. I would buy two of the ring in combo #1 and wear them on either side of you wedding ring.

    Some help we are!
  10. I love combo #1 and I think it would be the most comfortable option as well.
  11. You're going to get lots of varying opinions. I'm eager to see what you decide on. Your original ring is really beautiful and unique. And congrats on 9+ years!

    Of the combinations, for two rings I like combo #1 since the new band doesn't compete, but rather complements the original, in size/proportion. In combo #1, your original ring is the one I assume (if I didn't know already) is the engagement ring, with the lower ring being the wedding ring. I would assume that based both on having the wedding ring at the base of your finger, which is traditional if wearing two rings (but by no means universal), and on the proportions of the engagement ring being more dominant.

    If you have the budget, and you definitely have beautifully shaped fingers for it, you could splurge on the three-ring set. That way you can mix and match depending on your mood, and maybe even wear the baguette ring on its own as an anniversary ring or if you want to keep things simpler on the weekend or something.

    Either way, I would check with the jewelers where you are getting the new ring(s) that the stones won't damage adjacent rings (older or newer).
  12. Thanks everyone for all the input! I'm going to wear them a bit around the house and see if one of the combos grows on me. It's going to be hard to give either one up either way, so I might just keep them both and wear them in different combos or separately depending on the occasion.

    That's what I was going for! Not sure though if the width being almost the same makes it look strange? They are definitely complimentary.

    I love them too! I've never seen such sparkly ones before. This ring also looks good on it's own so I might have to keep it either way :nuts:.

    Hehe, that's a great idea! I should have mentioned that I bought these from a lady who finds high-quality estate jewelry that she sells for a reasonable price, so she didn't have 2 of them unfortunately. But it would be something I could show a jeweler to have another one made possibly.

    It is pretty comfortable. The thinner ring is too big, but I didn't want to get it sized before I knew it was the one.

    That was my idea, to have something that complimented the band and didn't take away from the original ring. But then I saw the one with baguettes and really wanted to try a funky stack :biggrin:. I'm so tempted to keep all 3 and just play around with them and possibly get a 4th thinner one to wear like @A1aGypsy suggested and use the baguette one on its own. Since these were estate rings, they were very reasonably priced, especially for the quality, so I could afford to keep both.
    Now my other option, is to return all of them and hope that hubby gets me a honker for our 10th anniversary next year and wear the original one as an anniversary band, but I'm thinking that's not going to happen, lol. He's Scandinavian and not into big diamonds, probably because he's not used to that being a thing or something one commonly sees, so he probably thinks it's too showy. A girl can dream!
  13. I guess I am in the minority, I honestly don't like any of these stacked. I love the funky one with the different cut stones. I would happily wear that alone if it was mine. Just my opinion worth the paper upon which it's written (which means that is zero haha!)
  14. -I'm thinking, looking at them together, I believe the white one does look about 1/2-ish the size of the big one...
  15. Thanks for the input! I'm still uncertain myself. All these years I keep hoping I'll find a ring that when I put it on, it's just perfect and I'll know immediately. Still waiting for that to happen, so maybe none of these are the right one.
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