ENGAGEMENT RINGS! What does yours look like?

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  1. Wow, I love the contrasting stones!
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  2. Thank you! One day...

    Nice ring @mstran87
  3. DEB549E2-7B1B-4E01-B134-697DA3D4EEAD.jpeg C95F079D-2AAA-43DC-B7C4-62502F56C7A5.jpeg
  4. Love, love this ring!
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  5. Just got my upgrade. In love! 1.8 carats, VVS2, Hearts and Arrows, J color.
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  6. Paraiba in daylight and indoors

  7. Beautiful upgrade! Congrats!

    Gorgeous and glowy! Love paraiba T!
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  8. So gorgeous!
  9. Paraibas are beautiful and it's a great color for your skin tone!
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  10. #11290 Jan 11, 2019
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    Here is mine! Love it :heart: Simple but so beautiful:heart: my GS Diamonds ring:hbeat:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    1 (1).jpg photo5314455024853690663.jpg
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  11. Wow! That is a beautiful color!
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  12. That is an amazing ring!
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  13. Stunning
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  14. My engagement ring was crafted by a very sweet father and daughter jewelry shop on Etsy called JdotC.
    It is handmade and one of a kind. It has 13 diamonds, my lucky number. It's 18k white gold and 1.01 carats in all.
    I love it so much. It's the most delicate, beautiful thing in the world. My fiance also picked out his band from Doron Merav on Etsy. We're not officially married yet, but I still picked out my wedding band, and I wear both of my rings interchangeably.
    Ring1.JPG Ring2.JPG
  15. Absolutely gorgeous set of rings! They fit you like a glove:smile:. Dainty rings are precious.