ENGAGEMENT RINGS! What does yours look like?

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  1. It's a single ring. My fingers aren't long enough for it, but they also make a version suitable for shorter fingers :angel: finnish ring.PNG
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  2. Oof that last time I was in this thread I was engaged to someone else lol. I got married 2 years ago this coming July to a wonderful man. Definitely have a better ring this time around even if the setting isn't my style. We used my grandmothers centre stone and I adore it. We also got me a lab spinel temporarily set in a tiffany style setting as my sidegrade and I adore it. Hope both images work x.x

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    20181031_145736-01.jpeg 20180603_040252-02.jpeg
  3. Me and my husband just got our first diamond ring graded. I got it from him 2001 and back than we had no money. It came back really good: 0.97ct, G color, SI1. He made not a bad deal as he paid around 1K.

    I try to upload a photo later!
  4. This ring is stunning.... I’m gobsmacked!
  5. Really beautiful!
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  6. My engagement ring :smile: IMG_0448.jpg
  7. Such a beautiful ring and you have lovely hands!
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  9. thank you ladies!! :smile:
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  11. Thank you! :smile: Yes it’s the Nouveau from Brilliant Earth.
  12. BF of 12 years has finally proposed, thanks for letting me share!
    DF5FDFE2-AE39-438D-A53B-60AA9934A8CE.jpeg 8E44E0EE-0B60-438A-AC6A-F495B0A76932.jpeg
  13. Congrats and I live your ring.
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  14. Beautiful rings ladies. Here’s mine, thank you for letting me share IMG_0001.JPG IMG_0001.JPG IMG_1393.JPG
  15. Your oval is so pretty! I really love the profile!

    Your wedding band is gorgeous! I used to not like them set upright like that but I am finding them prettier and prettier! Drool!