Jan 29, 2006
vanilla_addict said:
oh sorry!! did you post a pic??:worried: i think i am the only one that cant see it!!:amazed: sometimes it happens.. i just noticed a pic in one of ur posts here but unfortunatley it shows up like a small x.. i.e. pic not shown!:oh:
arrgh!! i wonder why that happens sometimes!:sad:

vanilla,I can see the picture but but every now an then the hosting site will have a problem and the photo won't be visible.I'll pop in in as an attachment for you.

yello,the e-LUXURY box was packaged properly but somewhere along the shipping route fed-ex damaged it.
I've dealt with e-LUXURY pretty often an never encountered a problem before this one.

But all has ended well.:smile:


Sep 13, 2005
I hate when that happens. The YSL bag I had the boutique in Houston sent me came in this substandard box as well. I was really surprised that they would pack a bag like that in such a crappy box:suspiciou Since the bag wasn't damaged at all I just let it slide, the shipping was free anyway due to another **** up I encountered trying to get the bag in the first place:lol: Wtf is going on with these places!


and a chocoholic!
Jan 27, 2006
i can see it!!
i can see it!!
<jumping around> looool

WoWoWoW :nuts:
who needs a Ferarri when you can have this one;)

oh Cat that color is amazingly vibrant!!:love:
and the metal things are in silver:nuts: !!!<<something i highly appreciate and demand :P !!

congraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaats again!!! enjoy this fresh addition to ur collection :biggrin:


Jan 11, 2006
I've had problems with Eluxury too! They're sorta shady!

I ordered a Damier wallet for my husband. When it arrived, there were some supermarket discount cards in the slots!!! It was OBVIOUSLY used!

And then another time I ordered the LV popincourt haut bag. As many of you know the popincourt haut bag has two brass orbs on the zipper. My bag arrived with only one!!! I couldn't believe it!

The reps insisted that products are shipped brand new and inspected, but this is obviously not true!

I was very disappointed. In the end, everything got resolved, but it's very frustrating especially when I was so excited to get my products. I made a HUGE stink when I called to complain and got gift card.

Ladies, beware and always check your purchases THOROUGHLY when they arrive.