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  1. I don't know what's going on with those folks.
    My hubby purchased the new large Marc Jacobs Multi-pocket handbag in Ferrari Red as my Valentine gift.
    He paid extra for express shipping,the bag arrived in a damaged box and it had obviously been retaped,even the fed-ex driver had me take a look at the bag incase I wanted them to return due to an undeliverable condition.

    After making sure all the contents were enclosed I took the bag out to find the purse in very dusty condition. I'm so tempted to return it but I don't want to hurt hubbys feelings,as he knew I really wanted a red MJ bag.

    I've always enjoyed dealing with them but if these practices continue I'll be putting them on my s%&t list.:sad2:

    I will definitely let them hear from me before the days out.
  2. Why don't you give them a piece of your mind ? I believe someone else had some problems with eLux (thread somewhere in this forum, the title of it escapes me!) and they offered a giftcard. Your husband didn't pay for a bag in dusty condition, no retail store would let anyone walk out with a dirty-ish bag like that !
  3. wow, i have never had a problem with elux before. i'll let you know how my fendi arrives from them. at least now i won't be surprised if it comes in like that. return it. or at least definitely complain.
  4. I agree, do NOT stay quiet.
  5. Wow! I would expect the package to be in great condition & the handbag inside to be packaged beautifully! I'd let them know about it, too!
  6. Wow...It's so messed up that people are having bad experiences with eluxury.com, of all places. I was planning to order my LV from them, but now, I might just make a trip to the actual store.
  7. I think monotreme (sp?) had problems with her MJ bag from elux...the MJ Pompom bag? I think she mentioned that it was clearly used.

    Put your foot down. Your husband spent all that money, so it should be perfect!!! I deal with vendors on a daily basis, and I'll be happy to call and give them a piece of my mind for you ;) .

    Let us know what happens...
  8. I just got off the phone with a eLUXURY rep.I explained the condition of the package and bag when it arrived they were willing to refund the $37.00 shipping fee hubby paid due to the condition in which the package and bag arrived and that the fed-ex driver had noted it on her log.

    Other than the dustiness the bag was purfect,so I left it at that, but did get my point across.;)

    The new MJ is the red one,she's my first red bag and I love MJ.s calf leather :smile: If I'm lucky my Chloe paddington in Whiskey will arrive by the end of the month to join them.:lol:

  9. sorry about that horrible experience!! :sad:
    but.. cOnGrAaaaaaaaaaaaaatS on your new MJ bag!!!!!!!! :nuts:
    please post pics.. is it this one? but in red?
    if it is!! then what a BEAUTY i must say!! :love:
    eNjOy ur new bag :biggrin:

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  10. That's good to hear that at least you'll get the shipping costs back. I love the pink MJ bag, very cute !
  11. Yes vanilla_addict that looks like it.Mine is the large multi-pocket in Ferrari Red in the picture I posted.

    alay,I'm fond of the MJ Venetia in the Cherry Blossom too,I'll be putting that to use this spring :smile: .
  12. I am sorry this happened; but, am glad that the bag was not damaged and that they are offering some compensation.

    As an aside, I think it is so funny that you have an S-list too. Hubby and I have one - consists primarily of restaurants that have doled out sub-par service/food.

  13. yes, it's me

    AGH! they only refunded me shipping and gave me a $50 giftcard.. for a USED bag

    good thing yours was new! phew!

    yes, elux is being horrible lately...:evil:
  14. oh sorry!! did you post a pic??:worried: i think i am the only one that cant see it!!:amazed: sometimes it happens.. i just noticed a pic in one of ur posts here but unfortunatley it shows up like a small x.. i.e. pic not shown!:oh:
    arrgh!! i wonder why that happens sometimes!:sad:
  15. I'm reading the thread and do you know if eluxury shipped the purse in a box like that or if it was damaged in the shipping process? It seems very unlikely that eluxury would ship their products in a damaged box, even if it saves them some money, but still a possibility I guess.

    I've never had a problem with eluxury. Their products arrive wonderfully packaged (with those bubble air packets, in a Louis Vuitton box, and then bag in dustbag) and there is very little damage if any on their outer box.

    I'm glad your problem got resolved though! That is a GORGEOUS bag, what a thoughtful husband!