Ears multiple pierced ?

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  1. Well I'm 28 now and I still have 3 on the lobes of each ear, and my tragus and cartilage on my right ear... I usually wear just my diamond studs or a single hoop, sometimes I add a diamond stud behind the hoop. Just recently I wore 3 diamond studs in graduating sizes... It was a pain though because they're all screw backs!!!

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  2. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1394063332.420050.jpg
    All screw backs pita X1000!
    Cartilage, tragus, and single lobe.
    Hoop plus 2 pairs of diamond studs. (When I cut off all my hair 10/27/12... So glad it's long again!!!)
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  3. They're .5TCW so like .25 per ear.
  4. Thank you!
  5. I have 3 in each earlobe and one in the left upper cartilage. I don't use the last 2 because I don't have earrings that I like to wear in all 6 piercing and the cartilage I let close because it was more professional in my line of work.
  6. My left ear has one on the lobe and a
    diamond small tragus stud. I have three on my right lobe but have not been wearing any earrings on my second or third so they will probably close. I really love the tragus diamond accompanied with a set of classic Tiffany pearls.
  7. It may be excessive, but I love my multiple ear piercings! I have 12 in my left ear and 8 in my right for a total of 20. Also, I'm a 49 year old professional (in a rather liberal profession) and got my last piercings at the age of 38. I don't have anything else pierced because when I talked about getting a tongue stud, my husband flipped out. A bridge to far, I guess... :lol:

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  8. I had one piercing in each lobe from age 5 to about 45. When the piercings were first done, it looked fine but my earlobes have grown larger and my dangle earrings were always squished up under my earlobes.

    FINALLY had my earlobes pierced a tad lower than the original holes. I don't know why I waited so long to have it done!!

    I still wear one in each ear, usually dangles on the lower piercings. But when I wear hoops, I find it safer wearing them on the upper set of piercings.

    p.s. if it's something that makes you happy, go for it! I couldn't believe the boost of "loveliness" I felt once my earrings dangled properly once and for all :smile:
  9. I have 3 in each lobe, I also have 3 in my left cartilage. I had 1 in the right but it closed because I never wore an earring lol
  10. Loooove your piercings :love:
  11. Omg do u sleep in them all. Id get irritated ears hehe.
  12. I have 3 on my right ear and 2 on my left. :smile:
  13. I got my ears pierced the first time when I was 13. I got second holes my Junior year in high school and in college I got my third holes so I had 3 in each ear. I also in college had a piercing way high in the cartlidge of one ear. when I got to my 30s I let the third holes grow back and by the time I was in my 40s i'd let the second and the one in the cartlidge grow back. so now in my 50s I back to just my original one and I always wear my diamond screw-back studs that are 1/2 ct in each ear. while I don't regret the piercings when I was younger i'm glad nothing was ever truly permanent as i'm pretty conservative with my style now.
  14. Thanks!

    Yes, I keep them in all the time except when I'm switching the studs out. The CBRs stay in, too, of course. Strangely, my ears don't get irritated even though they're very sensitive.