Donald Trump's kids...

  1. How many kids does he have? I know of Ivanka, Donald, Tiffany and the new baby. Was there another child with Ivana?
  2. [​IMG]

    Donald Jr., Ivanka, and Eric in Don jr.'s apartment.

    Ivana is the Mother of these three.

    Marla Is Tiffany's Mom.
  3. ops
  4. Lucky kids whoever their mum is LOL will never have to save for an LV bag :yahoo:
  5. Thanks! I thought there was another son. I wonder why we never hear much about Eric. :confused1:
  6. :lol: So true...and Ivanka carries Hermes.:supacool:
  7. Eric was on a 60 minutes episode about rich parents or something like that. He went to Georgetown...I think he has graduated by now. He might be a Wharton at this point.
  8. Was he? I missed that show. It's good to know that all of his kids with Ivana seem so grounded. I wonder how Tiffany Trump is doing...wonder if she'll follow in their footsteps. I hope she does well, also.
  9. They all seem more level-headed than one would expect out of The Donald and Ivana.
  10. How old is Tiffany ? any pics plz?
  11. If I remember correctly when Donald and Ivanka married neither had a ton of money. I think they were more grounded in their younger days.
  12. [​IMG][​IMG][FONT=Arial,Helvetica][SIZE=-2]

    Tiffany must be about 14
  13. Ivanka looks so classy and beautiful, she could've been another Paris Hilton if she chose to. Trump jr. on thed other hand looks like a nerd.
  14. I think Ivanka is a great example to all the young girls out there..not Paris and Lindsay..
  15. That pic did a good job of hiding the only 2 faults Ivanka has: thick waist and larger head. She is very pretty and very smart though.