Does anyone use an LV bag as a gym bag?

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  1. umm... if i had one, it'd be the damier geant matelot GM for the gym..
  2. I would never. I have a Nike bag for all my sweaty gym clothes. I haven't used it in a while because I haven't been to the gym. :shame:
  3. LOL I would have to say both points are true for me as well, especially the second point.
  4. Amen to that! Me too. Cardio for 2 hrs + weight training doesn't lend itself to a pretty picture.
  5. i use a betsy in monogram mini....i use it also for going to the seaside!
  6. Yes. I use the new carryall in monogram canvas. It's just like a duffle bag... just classier:biggrin: !!!!
  7. ^^ oh i heart that Carryall! i want one for weekend trips. :biggrin:
  8. I dont actually put my sweaty clothes in there, after my workout I go home and bathe. I would never do thats sick. I have noticed that my handles have developed a dark, dirty patina could it be the sweat and dirt on my hands?:blink:
  9. Lucky you! You live in my all time favorite place. One of the best vacations I had was in La Jolla. Best weather, so beautiful there.:love:
  10. Witch size ?