Does anyone use an LV bag as a gym bag?

I would NEVER! Just you put in in your locker? I go to an upscale gym/spa and even there they have locker break ins occassionally. I use a generic waist pouch. I wouldnt want to ruin an expensive bag at a gym. In fact..I have never seen anyone carrying any sort of a designer bag for working out. When I'm working out,...the last thing I want to ruin my workout is worrying about an expensive bag sitting in a locker.
I go to a an "upscale" gym I guess, the locker rooms are super nice. All the locker are mahogany wood, and there are really plush benchs to sit on. I feel safe putting it in a locker that I lock. As far as what I have in my bag...ipod, tanning lotion (which I very very very rarely use so I'm not sure why it's still in there), lock, small towel, palm pilot which I track my workouts on and sometimes a mag. or book. I don't put stuff to shower with in my gym bag becasue I hate showering in public showers and I live less than .25 miles away so I go home to shower.
CrazyBagLady said:
your a better woman than I am!!! I could not do it!! Even some of the local celebrities and news personalities who work out there never carry designer things. Maybe us North easteners are more paranoid!!
lol, my gym is really upscale so many of the members take high-end designer bags and dont really worry.:biggrin: I take 2 cellphones (pink razr, and sidekick), extra set of clothes, sunglasses, ipod, and whatever else I might need.