Does anyone think that the Vernis collection will have Speedies

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  1. Ironic that you personally think the vernis line is not understated, because I thought the whole point of the discreet embossed monogram pattern on the vernis was so that it would be an understated line of bags. I suppose what you're saying is that as long as the trademark monogram pattern is present in some form, it'll stick out like a lighthouse beacon. :smile:
  2. Patent leather is never really understated. Vernis is usually pretty shiny and eye catching, makes it hard to overlook.

    The darker vernis colors (but already discontinued unfortunately) are usually pretty safe from color migration. My favorite vernis color is red and bronze, too bad they don't make them anymore :sad:
  3. I agree with Vixy. Patent leather is quite bold in my opinion, especially that of Louis Vuitton. Not only is is super shiny and eyecatching... as soon as you see the Monogram, the eyes widen even more! ^_^

  4. It's not. The shinny leather catches light literally, and everytime when I pull it out from my bag the people around me notices. :nuts:
  5. exactly what i mean. :idea:
  6. This looks pretty close (pic from

  7. [​IMG]
    I LOVE this bag!! And I think large bags look great in vernis! A S.O. speedy in framboise would be beautiful.:nuts: V
  8. Anyone know if SO Vernis Speedys are even possible? I know they don't do SOs on certain lines/styles...such as the multicolore. A Vernis Speedy would be gorgeous, I'm just wondering why I've never seen one before. Is it a super rare occurance for someone to SO one or do they just not do it?