Does anyone think that the Vernis collection will have Speedies

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  1. Im saving up to buy my first Speedy and missed out on buying a Cerise :cry: so right now Im just on hold waiting for a great speedy to come out, so that I can snap it up.

    I like the Vernis selection and I love the hazelnut colour, I was wondering if those of you who religiously follow LV and can predict their new collection additions somewhat, could let me know if you think that they may introduce Speedies into that collection.

    Aso is the Vernis made of a shiny leather.

    thanks everyone :biggrin:
  2. I don't think there is, if you would want one, why not special order one ?
  3. Yeah I think you could S.O one also
  4. Wow...that would look so nice!:love:
  5. Thanks for your responses everyone. Id love to S.O one but it may be too pricey for me. Hopefully LV may introduce them some day
  6. Oooooooooooooo, now a vernis speedy would be delish!
  7. That would be awesome :biggrin: I'd hope that the bottom would have feet though, I'd be afraid to put it down!
  8. bunny,Vernis is a monogram-embossed patent leather .Vernis is very sensitive, and its color fades and transfers easily :sad: .
    I think it would be striking as a Speedy though not very practical.
    You gals are putting :idea: 's in my head,I just may call LV and see if one can be special ordered and at what cost :smile: .
  9. Cool. Let us know the price if you do S.O one :smile:
  10. Probably not in the near future? I don't think the vernis collection is as well-known/popular (although it is my favorite line besides EPI!!) as, let's say, monogram or damier.

    And IMHO, I think vernis works better on smaller items (like wallets etc) rather than on larger handbag pieces. ;)

  11. I was curious - why do you think vernis works better on smaller items as opposed to bags? As well, why do you think vernis is not as popular, despite being around for a good number of years now?
  12. That would look so cute! I have my eye on the Houston right now from the Vernis line.
  13. I can answer your second question although my answer might not be the same as others. When LV is mentioned, 100% of the time it's about the momogram canvas. My friends do not know they have other lines like the Epi or Vernis. All they know is the monogram one, which tells me is more known out there and more popular. I think Vernis looks gorgeous on bags but that's just me.

  14. Thanks! :amuse:

  15. hmm, just the sheer factor of brand identification. People think of monogram or damier when they think LV (and to follow that logic, most of the replicas, sadly, resemble the monogram line. Not to say other lines are not faked, but we're talking relatives here.) As to why I think vernis works better in smaller pieces, it's just my personal preference. I like to have bags that a bit understated (thus my obsession with the epi line), and mix it up with something as fun as vernis inside.