Do you think white bags will last beyond the season?

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  1. As long as the bag is a classic style, without a lot of bells and whistles, it will endure through the years. The color white will always be timeless.
  2. I have only two white bags. One's the coach jaquard demi and the other is a kate spade satin amanda. Must keep them clean....I think that's what prevents me from buying more white bags.
  3. I agree, because it's a classic colour - sure, there might be a period 6 - 9 months after the white bag trend has ended when it looks just like last season's trend but then it will be back to being classic. And if suddently next summer it's all about yellow, or polka dots or something, you can always tag on a scarf that reflects that and be bang on trend again!;)

    The dirt issue is there for most light-coloured bags, I s'pose it depends on your lifestyle - I have a friend always wears white trousers, yet if I even LOOK at white clothing in a shop I swear it magically gets coffee stains!:lol:

  4. I agree with everyone. White will never go out of style. You may have to wait a season to wear it, but never go out!
  5. i think it depends on your area... cuz in socal/cali.. we have two seasons: hot & cold. and both times white is always in season. i love white as a color over black anyway. black seems so depressing and dark and heavy for me.. i could never do black. *this applies to everything.. from clothes to accessories to cars to home furnishings!*
  6. As so many others have said before - white is classic, classy and timeless.
  7. IMO nothing looks better in the warmer months than a beautiful white leather bag! If you want to get a few summers out of it I'd stick with classic styles.
  8. Agreed!! Love the white!
  9. This is true.
  10. Sure! White is always nice.
  11. White is a timeless colour for bags. Don't worry about it. :idea:
  12. Ditto! White keeps coming back! Buy a classic style over an overly trendy one and you'll use it forever. But beware of patent white leather, it does indeed turn yellowish over the years.
  13. i'd have to say yes... i would invest in a white bag - i dunno why, i think its nice and fresh! :smile:
  14. I Would Invest In A Classic With The White
  15. Yes. Black and White are classic colors.