Do you think white bags will last beyond the season?

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  1. White is hot right now. Do you think they'll last beyond spring/summer 06'? Would you invest $$$ in a white bag now?
  2. I tend towards less tendy styles, so I would choose one that wouldn't look dated next summer for sure.
    Some will look outdated next summer, but not all of them.
    They'll be hot next summer as well I bet!
  3. I dont mind white but i get it so dirty, But if it is your thing go for it.
    I always tell people i am not carrying the bag it is yours.
  4. To me, white bags are just as classy as black bags.
  5. Yes, white has been popular the last few years and just seems to get more popular. And I also agree that getting white in a more classic style is the way to go. I got a Chanel white caviar classic flap for summer just because of this. I wanted something a bit durable and classic at the same time.
  6. I only own two white bags, a fur-lined Fendi leather bag (for the winter obviously:shame: ) and a Coach polka dot bag. I LOVE them, I can't imagine them ever going out of style (at least to me). Go splurge on one. :love:
  7. Thanks for your replies.

    My dilemma is, "do I spend $$$ on what might be a trendy bag?" or "will the $$$ be well worth it for the long haul?" I tend to only spend a couple hundred or so for trendy bags but am more than willing to spend the extra for classics.
  8. Agree. I think if it's white with lots of studs/fringes/grommets, it will probably look dated. The simpler more classic styles should hold up.
  9. I :love: white bags and think they will last beyond the season, but I still wouldn't spend that much $$$ on them. b/c they can get dirty easily, and even if you are really careful, I've heard they can yellow.

    I happened to walk by the MJ boutique with my friend and saw that there was a sign up about an end-of-season sale earlier this year. They had GREAT deals on several designs, and I was able to pick up a cute, cute white shoulder bag for $150 (I think it's called the Louise). I was SO ecstatic. Even though I got a great price on the bag, I'm still carefull because of the color, and I can't imagine how worried about the bag I would be if I had paid full price (around $500-$600).
  10. I know. I have one white bag but its patent leathere and doesn't get dirt as quickly. Any other fabric/material I see picking up a lot of dirt even if your careful............

    I still want another white bag though :P ;)
  11. i think as long as you take care of it and make sure it doesn't get dirty i would invest in a great white bag.. i'm still sad i missed out on last years Hogan Lizzy bag in white.. it was gorgeous!!
  12. that's a pretty good question. i actually don't own a white bag, mostly because i'm afraid to get it dirty. hmmm.
  13. If the choice was between a classic bag in either white or black--I'd say get the black b/c it'll last MUCH longer. But if you wanted a fresh look and have enough black--try a white bag. I think it's a nice punch to a wardrobe.
  14. I just like white bags, outdated or not. Yes, they would visibly get dirty easily, but that doesn't mean I want one any less. I suppose I'd try and take as best care of it as possible :/
  15. White bags will keep coming back. It's not for me though because I will get it dirty the first day I carry it. I always have bad luck with clothes, bags or shoes. Either I get it stained or scratch....
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