Do you like this LV?

mischa said:
i have it in white....find it really classy, but a bit heavy and rigid....but you can wear it with everything!!

do you think that dark colors will bleed into it? do you find yourself babying the bag alot? i am so afraid of white bags though, and i do not care for the red
I've always like the Le Fab, very nice bag.
I tried this one in the plum when it was still aval in the store.. HOT looking bag. Only down fall is its going to be heavy like the MC speedy 30 just due to the brass on it.

doulosforhim said:
Every time i go shopping with hubbie, we always stop at LV and NM. He always points out to this bag and well i always try it on. he wants to get it for me, but i can't really see myself allowing him to spend all that money on just one bag. will it be practical enough to use alot, or too dressy, i found this pic from E- luxury. what do you ladies think?
I have the Le Fab in black and it's gooorgeous. I've heard some say the black looks very corporate/ I think it'd make a nice work bag. The white is stunning too, but I'd fear getting it dirty =\ Try to see them side by side in person and go with the one you're most drawn to! :smile:
I have a white suhali bag and have had no issues in regards to it's up keep. I want to get a Le Fab in white too (but need to wait and see what the tan suhali colour looks like IRL) but I also have a plum le tal that I hardly ever use (it is quite heavy even when empty):lol: The le Fab is such a great bag and think a good choice.