Do you like this LV?

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  1. Every time i go shopping with hubbie, we always stop at LV and NM. He always points out to this bag and well i always try it on. he wants to get it for me, but i can't really see myself allowing him to spend all that money on just one bag. will it be practical enough to use alot, or too dressy, i found this pic from E- luxury. what do you ladies think?
  2. I love that bag....It seems timeless
  3. i LOVE it when ladys carrie these bags around they look so good i bet you would too.
    Buy it now
  4. I don't like the Fabuleux Suhali model because of its metalware, but it is the same a very nice bag. I prefer it better in white or red, btw.
  5. It's gorgeous :love: But I also think it looks better in white or red.
  6. so you have seen ladies carrying this bag, wow. i have only seen it carried once and the lady was not wearing it well:amazed: :amazed: . i guess with that hefty price. 3k.... maybe i will consider it. i take so long to decide though.

  7. hmmmm. i will have to try the white and see. its just that with all the seasons here. one is limited on when to wear white bags. will it not be difficult to keep clean? i know it is a very sturdy leather though.
  8. I think clanalois has this bag, she would probably be able to help when it comes to cleaning and taking care of it. I would baby the heck out of it, even if the goat leather is sturdy. In my opinion, the black is really tough-looking, where as the white looks softer and makes it appear much more classy and sophisticated.
  9. I really like the black actually, one of my I'll probably never be able to afford this bag but I'll just keep on worshipping it.. bags. Clanalois did mention that the white suhali was very easy to keep clean, and she just wipes it down.. so if you prefer it in a lighter colour, you don't have to constantly worry about it getting dirty !
  10. are right though. i will pm her and see. how are you loving your new bag? i am so close to getting it. This LV i know i won't get soon. i take forever to decide. do you think the size is too big though. how do you feel about the medium shoulder one. starts with an L....can't remember the name.

  11. oh, wow. that is awesome to know. thanks. i will see how every feels. hubbie really likes this bag. i'll have to ask him if its the style or the style and color. he loves LV, has a gazillion LV ties and several cuff links and wallets.:lol:
  12. i have it in white....find it really classy, but a bit heavy and rigid....but you can wear it with everything!!
  13. That's a gorgeous bag! I hope you do get one and won't feel bad about the purchase!
  14. I'm loving the tote, thank you for asking! :shame: :love: I haven't stopped carrying it since I got it, it really does fit everything! So far, it's the best bag purchase I've made :nuts: I hope you're able to get yours soon!

    I'm not familiar with the Suhali bags, so I'm not sure which one you're referring to. I just know of the Le Fableux, probably because it's my favorite style. I wish my bf was like your DH, wanting to buy me a bag. Yesterday he was just saying, "If I hear you talk about what purse you want for your birthday one more time..." :lol:
  15. :lol: :lol: i trully believe hubbie must have a secret agenda;) here is a pic of the other style which is 2k