Do you like this collection

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  1. I think in situations like this, it is best to just ignore the one person that's making an ass out of themselves, then they will get the point.:idea:
  2. I love Swankymamof3, she's been VERY kind to me even though I've been spewing hate all over someone else's Forum for 24 hours.
  3. As to your question, yes I like the collection, I'm getting the brown/olive cabas mm this week

    As to kicking swanky out well GROW UP, she is a mod and thus trys to keep things running smoothly for the rest of us who enjoy this forum. If you don't like it YOU LEAVE. There are plenty of other boards for you to join. In life you are always going to have people that you don't get along with the mature thing to do is try and co-exist. So please stop acting like this forum is the "be all end all" of your life and SIMMER DOWN ALREADY YOU FREAKIN SPAZ!!!
  4. :biggrin:
  5. mmmm...calm down there killer. :lol:
  6. i think this is a childish fight.
  7. Jenniferm must be crazy! Only stalkers go into every thread and attack other members. Vlad ban her from the forum.:lol:
  8. I think you need to watch what you're saying/typing before you get banned for your obscene comments. Maybe while you're at it, READ THE RULES of the forum.
  9. I love her too :love:
  10. I like the Antigua collection..........and Swanky too! ;)
  11. I'm not a fan of the Antigua collection. I think its boring
  12. :biggrin: Thats a funny joke,in account she is a mod, I DOUBT she will get kicked off,she is a nice person

    Troll leave :heart:
  13. That is funny.
  14. I kinda like the Antigua Collection ( and swankymama)
    not trying to start anything, but is jenniferm and curtism the same person?? seems like they are......
    and the troll thing is funny!
  15. I don't like antigua collection.. Looks cheap to me..