Do you like this collection

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  1. ANTIGUA collection Do you like this collection or is to not you????
    or to classic ?? or anyhitng that u dont like
  2. What collection?
  3. What collection?

  4. Sorry i made a mistake
  5. Should I delete this thread or would you like to post photos . . . .
  6. Lady it say ANTIGUA collection
  7. what collection
  8. I dont really like the antigua collection much, would make a great beach bag though! :biggrin:
  9. Not me, I don't like it. It's way overpriced for a canvas bag!

  10. Agreed. It can't possibly as durable as the mono or damier either. It doesn't make sense to pay more for a bag that will show the wear and tear sooner.
  11. welli like what u ladys thnk it helps me
  12. I like it and think it is worth every penny.
  13. Where are you from jenniferm?

    I don't prefer this collection.
  14. i really like the brown olive.
  15. she is from canada.
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