Do you like Juicy Couture handbags?

  1. Personally I love Juicy Couture items. I own a few of the velour tracksuits (the terry feels funny lol) because they are comfy and they are very flattering on me :biggrin:. I would never pay retail for the tracksuits though, that's robbery. They're also versatile as you can wear them together or separate with jeans or a tee/tank.

    The jewelry is also lovely and it is a very decent price considering the fact that all the pieces come in a nice box and hold up very well (unless you're rock climbing or something).

    As far as the handbags go, my first "designer" bag was the Daydreamer and it has been EXTREMELY durable through college wear. I can say the same for my leather tycoon also. So it really is a matter of opinions, but Juicy Couture has definetely never let me down and I will continue to be a devoted fan!
  2. Well, I have one. Yes, they are cute for grade school/middle school/college age students but anything pass that is kidish. I will probably only own one juicy and invest in other brands such as lv, gucci, miu miu, balenciaga, rebecca minkoff, etc... you know?
  3. i live in Europe, but the ONLY JC shop is in Milan. oh, why? i live far from Milan :sad: it's tough to buy
  4. wow. these responses are making me feel so... inappropriate to carry my black juicy velour bag.... :sad: Although I'm in my 20's, I think some of the juicy bags are quite pretty and unique to carry.
  5. WHY!!!?? You're unique (we all are) and other people's opinions of fashion should not be yours. I'll be 33 at the end of the month and I have a black Daydreamer. I wear it because I like it (and I love that I can just throw everything in it).
  6. I love Juicy totes especially the daydreamers since they are a great size
  7. I extremly love their handbags. When I see any juicy couture handbag, I say oh my gosh. I am a big fan of their handbags.
  8. I'm drawn to the leather bags. I used to love the velour logo daydreamers, but not really anymore. They just seem so young, like what a middle schooler would carry. I already look young, I don't need a bag that would make me look younger, lol. I do want the plaid daydreamer, I need to get that, but I mainly like their leather bags.
  9. I think Juicy Couture is soooo gota love its style
  10. I Love Juicy jewelry, charms and bags but I don't like the tracksuits and most of the other colthing!!!
  11. I love the handbags as well as tracksuits, dont' own any however i've been considering getting a daydreamer for sometime now but i'm always on the fence if i should or not, i love the bag but i just can't seem to bring myself to buy it due to the fact a lot of people think they are chilish (i'm 26). I'd love to have one of the pale pink ones they are so fun. I also love the charms and i'm considering getting one soon.
  12. I think the bags are cute! just like with everything else, somethings I like and others I dont like but I think I will alwas like juicy couture. its different like me!
  13. i think my current stance on the bags is that i think they are cute, stylish, some i like a lot, but i won't buy them because they are not my style. they aren't timeless and classic, and aren't made of the best materials. i think they are trendy.

    i often have to resist buying them, as they are pretty cute.
  14. totally agree!!! i usaully have been drawn to the leather bags,,,, but had to have the plaid daydreamer,,, & im glad i did cause its even better than the pics i think. just got it so ill post a thread,,,
  15. I'm not into the track suits (not something I'd wear outside of the house), but I do like some of their bags.

    I own three Juicy bags at the moment, and love them all - believe it or not, none of them are in pink, or even in girly colours (two are black, one is plaid.) I wear earthy tones/black most of the time, so the pink/bright colours would clash with me, but I'm in love with the fall collection of plaid.