Do you like Juicy Couture handbags?

  1. I like the leather ones. I think those are geared more towards adults and the price tag is higher than their day dreamers. I bought the one below and love it minus the stitching coming out and I am going to contact them about this because it's a $300 tote and I baby my bags and there's no reason the handle where the straps are attached should be coming out with as little as I've used it and only had it for 2 months!

  2. love the tracksuits,fabric is very comfortable, as well as a charming curve.
  3. i agree - more "grown up" mature look.
  4. i like juicy couture bags!
  5. I have this bag :smile:
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    I gave my pink day dreamer bag away :sad:
  7. I bought a daydreamer bag a couple of months ago, it was my first juicy. I will say this, the size of the bag is just about perfect and it's a fun little thing to look at. However, after carrying it a couple of times, I began to feel that perhaps I was a bit to old be toting a velour bag with a big bow on the side (over 25). I almost felt embarrassed.
    So, I put it in its dust bag and ordered the Retiro Pm from Louis Vuitton.:graucho:
    I still like looking at the Juicy's though.
  8. They have cute bags for younger girls. Just not my taste to carry for myself.
  9. I just bought a miss JC bag online when they're having summer sale.. when the bag arrived it was too small for my liking..only fits a purse and cellphone. it's cute though...
    I guess i'll keep it for my lil daughter..
    Love the design but i think it suits better for young girls..
  10. Yes, I like the daydreamer ones, so cute - but I can't see myself carrying that when I'm older.
  11. i like the bags but dont own any, i would not carry one but the charms and jewellery i do not mind and would wear.
  12. Any recommendations where to buy Juicy bags in Hong Kong?
  13. or Hong Kong? Thanks for your time!
  14. I have quite a few juicy items, but that's only due to hubby taking me on an impromptu shopping spree for our 10th Ann. I found a cpl pairs of denims made to look like slacks and a really nice jersey shirt/dress. I also saw a black cowhide leather pocketbook in tjmaxx 2dys ago for $140 from $400 (wish I bought) it would've been a nice everyday bag to give my Burberry n LV a break. Only reason I didn't get it was bc I like shoulder bags n I would've had to struggle to keep it on my shoulders since the straps were a bit snug. Typically their items are a little juvenile and overpriced, but after going in the store I realized that it was the cheaper items that I guess they figure younger ppl can afford that is usually at the forefront. Once you get pass those, there's more to them.
  15. I just bought my DIL the Daydreamer for Christmas. I can't wait until she opens it she's going to be soooo surprised!! I was so happy to find it on sale, along with an additional 30 percent off from that. Loving it!!