Do I really need this?


Birkin Briefcase
Mar 11, 2007
As some of you may know, I really miss my Damier Keepall 50 in ebony. But my only reason for not running back to the boutique is that I'm not entirely sure that i travel enough to spend that much money and i already have other duffels from gucci and kenneth cole... What do you think i should do? get the keepall or keep the money for something else LV?
Dec 13, 2006
I guess you could ask yourself how much you travel and really calculate how much usage it will get. I love the look of a keepall and consider it a classic piece. I personally don't travel at all so it's not something for me, but if I traveled in the ballpark of 8-10 times a year I would go for it(this means overnights, not nec. boarding a plane but stayovers of any kind).