Did you carry a Treesje today?

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  1. Switched into my Pumpkin Asher tonight. Just felt in an Asher kind of mood. Earlier I had been carrying my AW Rocco.
  2. A Pumpkin-coloured Asher sounds really nice! Have not seen it but sounds amazing.
  3. Carried my gorgeous Mini Rebel in electric blue today. :love:
  4. I moved into my fuchsia Asher today! I really love this bag!
  5. I've been wearing my electric blue Rebel hobo all week! Fits so much, and I can carry it for ages because of the comfy wide strap.
  6. Mini Asher in Pumpkin
  7. This must be stunning! Had no idea pumpkin was made in a mini. Do you have a pic of it to post?
  8. I've been wearing my pumpkin Asher this week. Perfect for fall. I'll probably wear it through thanksgiving.
  9. I wore my Black Patent Asher Grande this week. Haven't worn her in over a year. Simply adore it. Fits everything--A true love.

  10. I would love to own an Asher Grande in brown. Doesn't seem like there were many made, been keeping my eye out for one on eBay for a while
  11. Oooh that would be lovely!!! I never see them on auction either, anywhere! Great luck mama!!! :ghi5: You will love owning one!
  12. I don't know the name of it. It's a should bag with the studs down the side. I have it in grey and one in purple from like two three years ago

  13. Carried my mini Magnolia in Bordeaux today
  14. I carried my charcoal magnolia smaller size
  15. I carried my large charcoal magnolia today! My New Year's resolution is to start carrying my nice handbags again instead of nylon Kipling bags (never mind the weather).