diamond band on ring finger = married?

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  1. A lot of people wear their promise rings/purity rings on the left ring finger, I have seen that more than the right hand. Really, I think you should not worry so much, if a guy actually knows you he will know you are not married/taken, and that is probably better than having random guys hitting on you anyway.
  2. ^ True, and I don't think most guys really care that much anyway... if they're really interested a ring won't stop them from approaching :P
  3. I think as long as it is on your right hand and not your left, your fine. I have always worn and thicker diamond band ring (David Yurman wide diamond Metro ring) on my right hand for the last 8 years and never once was asked if I was married. Before that ring I wore a thin gold band ring with small rubies that was gift from my parents and also didn't get any marriage comments. I am not married by the way...
  4. Certain cultures wear the wedding band on the right ring finger. However, if you live in England or the USA, most people would probably just assume that it's a right-hand ring.
  5. In Asian culture, wedding band is wear on right hand. I think in the US, guys don't really care if you wear on the right hand. Sometimes, I wear my e-ring on left finger, and wedding band on right hand.
  6. You might want to offset your band with colored gemstone bands like the Tiffany stackables. Blue or pink sapphire/diamond combinations are beautiful. Or even "guard" it with a chunky modern sterling silver band.