diamond band on ring finger = married?

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  1. #1 Jul 11, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 11, 2009
    If I wear a diamond band ring on my right hand (ring finger), will people think that I'm married? I'm still young and in college. I'm afraid that men will stay clear of me, thinking that I'm taken.


    My band looks similar to the 2 above except the diamonds are bigger. I love it because it was custom made and handed down to me.
  2. To the young ladies...

    Are you afraid to wear nice jewelry out casually? Do people often stare at you and do you feel safe wearing such items?

    I just hope that people think that I'm too young to own such items and will think that my jewelry is fake. I've heard horror stories of people getting robbed in the city and it always makes me anxious.
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    To be honest, I would. My wedding band is a channel set in platinum like the second picture you posted. That is not to say that you shouldn't wear them how you want them, but if you don't want people to ask then consider wearing them on your right hand?

    As far as worrying about getting them stolen goes, I think you'll be okay unless you are constantly bragging about them or hanging out alone at night (which I doubt you are!). They are nice but not in your face.

    Whoops, I just realized you said you'd wear them on your right hand. I think that would be fine!
  4. In European culture and other cultures, don't married couples wear their wedding band on their right ring finger? I know that in the US, its custom to wear it on your left ring finger. Or am I completely wrong?

    When I'm on the street, if people ask me about my jewelry, it always makes me uncomfortable (even if its just a sales associate). I just respond with, "Oh this? Got this at Claires! :lol:"
  5. I asked my bf and he said some men are clueless and whether you wear it on the left or right hand ring finger, they'll can't tell the difference and assume you're married. But if the guy's really into you, he'll go through the trouble to find out first before jumping to any conclusions. Having said that, why don't you wear it on your middle finger (if it fits)? That ought to end all speculation unless he is really truly clueless.

    The diamonds on your ring must be really big if people asking about it!
  6. Greek / Armenian / Russian Orthodox and Jewish ppl wear their wedding bands on their right hand. Some don't because rings on the right hand can be bothersome. My parents don't wear their wedding bands, they wear random rings on random fingers.
  7. I often wear a zirconia round brilliant on my right hand ring finger. I have only had one person ask if I was married, and that was a professor of mine who also thought my ring was real (lol!) so I think most people know it's the diamond on the left ring finger that signifies married/engaged. This is why I wear my colored stone rings on my left ring finger.
  8. I sometimes wear a diamond band with five diamonds on my right finger. I have never met anyone in my country that have assumed that I am married. Because in Norway wedding rings are normally in yellow gold, and with no diamonds at all. So basically the same simple ring for men and women. People have asked me if I am engaged though, I wear a lot of different rings. But the solitaire diamond always make people assume I am taken.

    I do not care what they may think, I will wear the rings that I like.
  9. I don't think so...if it's on your right hand. But, they may think you may be taken.
  10. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe a ring on your right hand ring finger is a promise ring?

    Maybe you can have it sized up and wear it on your middle finger to avoid any assumptions? Or are you keen on wearing it on your right ring finger?
  11. The left hand ring finger is the wedding/married hand/finger, at least here in the USA 9for people of all backgrounds, including jewish).
    So, no, if you wear a ring on your right hand, people will not think you are married
  12. I think you're fine if you wear it on your right hand. I also like the look of stacking rings together. have you considered wearing the band with another ring that you own on your right hand? a colored gemstone? another band? you can mix metal colors too!
  13. I doubt they would think you're married, esp given your age but I think wearing an eternity band on your right hand ring finger may be considered a promise ring as someone mentioned, or part of a couple ring. I used to wear a couple ring before getting married on my right hand, and know other friends who also do. Same with promise ring.
  14. In Europe, we wear our wedding bands on our right hand and teh engagement ring on our left. So in Europe people would think you're married.
  15. I wear a diamond band on my right hand & a lot of people think it's a wedding ring.