Delivery Confirmation shows delivered but no package

  1. BTW the seller is the one who provided the copies of the shipping. label..

  2. I just thought it was odd that you were able to see the label, that´s all. I would have thought that tracking showed the recipients´ address? That paypal would look at tracking and track it online etc? I am only curious and the more you learn about these things the better it is. Thanks for trying to explain:smile:

    To the OP, I am glad that everything worked out! Sorry for going OT!
  3. Not so odd. The question wasnt if the bag was delivered. The question was WHERE was the bag delivered and why was it delivered to that address. The only to way to determine if the mis-delivery was a postal error or a seller error was to go back to the origin of the shipping label. Makes perfect sense to me....

  4. I understand. I am just saying that the tracking number the seller/sender had uploaded on the paypal page would automatically show to where it was going, if tracked, scanned along the way. That is why I didn´t understand whypaypal would ask for the label? By using the tracking number PP would have been able to establish where the package was going. The address would be the one that the seller/sender had put in when shipping it. If it was wrong then that would show via tracking. I am only trying to understand, not offend you.
  5. The USPS doesnt show where the packages are actually deliverd. It only shows "dlivered" this was part of the problem. When the package first came up missing I tried to get the delivery information from the USP and they wouldnt even give it to me over the phone for privacy reasons. I had to got to the PO in person and show ID. This is why I beleive the carbon copy of the shipping label had to be obtained in order to really figure out what had happened here. Which thankfully the seller was willing to turn over to paypal.

    The moral of the story for me personally here is always double, triple and quadrouple check the addresses as a seller....

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    Here is a descriptinon about USPS from ebays website, you can see that USPS delivery confirmation is not the same as Fed-ex and UPS it gives you very little information...( the package was apparently sent thru DHL/german post and then routed thru USPS when it got to the states, which is normal for nternational pkgs)

    USPS Delivery Confirmation is an extremely useful tool, but both buyers and sellers on eBay should be aware of its limitations.

    The terms "Delivery Confirmation" and "Tracking" are often used interchangeably (I confess to doing this myself), but they are NOT the same thing. When UPS or FedEx "Tracks" a package, it KNOWS WHERE IT IS AT ALL TIMES. It knows what room of what building it is in, where it came from, who has physical possession of the package, who touched it last, stuff like that.

    Delivery Confirmation will usually acknowledge that the package ARRIVED at the destination zip code. It will also note if delivery was attempted but not successful. However, the details are often fuzzy after that. If "delivered", was the package left at the doorstep? Did the postal worker leave it at the neighbor's house? Delivery Confirmation often will NOT help you in those sorts of situations. It is possible to have a lost package with DC showing "delivered" at the same time.

    Another limitation of Delivery Confirmation is that it is OFTEN NOT SCANNED. This is particularly true of the black-and-white printed DC bar codes that users of online postage produce. There have been many reported instances where a seller prints a Delivery Confirmation notice, hands it over to their trusty postal employee, only to find later that the package was NEVER SCANNED, either on the pickup side or the delivery side or both. When they look up the DC number online, it simply says "Label Printed".

  7. This is one reason that it isn't always safe to ship items via USPS whether domestic or international. If you have a USPS delivery confirmation, it just shows the city and state where it was delivered, but no address info. Also, I found out that the USPS isn't required to scan the package at in-between points. They are only required to scan the tracking number at point of drop off and point of delivery. If the shipper hand writes the label it can leave room for error. If there is no signature required, the USPS can just leave the package and someone else could pick it up. USPS has left packages at my building that were clearly not addressed to anyone in our building. I've seen packages with totally different addresses left in our foyer. I would gladly pay extra for UPS or FedEx with signature confirmation required. You can track the whole way and know when to expect the package. USPS is really unreliable, especially in a big city. Tutu I'm glad they found your package. I've had stuff completely disappear and never be found :sad:
  8. Thank you. Very valuable information.

    I wonder how I could know what company a package entering the US from Sweden would continue with? I assume that should I use DHL then it would be usps too? FedEx would be FedEx all the way I assume? Hmmmm. I ALWAYS pay extra to have signature confirmation no matter what the value.

    edit. the "problem" with FedEx is that if the recipient/buyer decides they don´t want to pay custom fees I will get the bill.
  9. On a side note...

    Last summer I shipped a pair of shoes off to Australia and after three weeks the package had still not been delivered to the buyer. I went ahead and initiated an investigation with the USPS and was told they had up to 120 days to get back to me with an official letter noting the conclusion of their "investigation". Well, two weeks later the buyer sends me an email confirming she did receive the package and the online information also showed that the package was delivered and signed for. End of story, right? Nope. About two weeks after the package WAS delivered I get the official letter from the USPS noting their investigation concluded they could not trace the package and that it was recorded as lost. But the letter was dated after the package was delievered! BTW, this item was sent First Class Registered with tracking so I'm not sure how they handle investigations for other types of mailing categories. It's really disappointing to have to be afraid to mail things even with tracking and insurance!
  10. USPS frightens me!!!!:nogood:
  11. Good question and good points...not sure. I think a lot of us always take the shipping part for granted until we have a problem and then we learn how the system really works and try to navigate fom there :thinking:

  12. Very true. I was recently scammed which is why I´m extra interested in why paypal wanted to see the label. Why wasn´t the tracking enough that the seller uploaded etc. Thanks for trying to explain.
  13. After reading all of the posts here I'm a little relieved and a bit more frightened!
    I am the buyer in this situation. My item was to be delivered yesterday (Saturday). I checked the DC status early in the morning and it said it was out for delivery. Unfortunately our mail comes right around or after 5PM EST - too late if we have any qualms about delivery to call our local P.O.
    DH and I were out to dinner when mail was delivered to our street. I come home to no package on our doorstep, no mail in our mailbox. I go next door to check with our neighbors - they had mail delivery (both neighbors on either side). Our street is very quiet. Lots of retired couples and young couples with kids...I don't think it was sticky fingers.
    The only thing I can figure is we are stopping our delivery for a few days as we are headed out of town. Our delivery was to stop this comming MONDAY and I am hoping perhaps they goofed and held it Saturday as well.
    This is probably the 4th incident I've had with our post office...and every time I call I feel that they have no clue what is going on in their town, or with the mail in their facility!
    I am calling the P.O. from the beach tomorrow morning. Wish me luck!