Dancing’s New Celebrity Lineup Announced

  1. I've clor-coded the ones I'm the most excited to see! - caitlin1214

    February 18, 2008

    Three athletes, a magician and an Oscar-winning actress are just some of the celebrities who’ve signed on to compete on the sixth season of ABC’s Dancing With the Stars.
    The cast was revealed on Monday night’s Dance War finale. On Tuesday, Good Morning America will announce which pro dancers will be paired with the celebrity contestants.
    Here’s a rundown of who’s on board for the March 17 premiere:

    Telenovela star Cristian de la Fuente

    R&B singer Mario

    Magician Penn Jillette

    Actor Steve Guttenberg

    Olympic Gold Medal Figure Skater Kristi Yamaguchi

    Former tennis pro Monica Seles

    NFL Player Jason Taylor

    Actress Shannon Elizabeth

    Radio/TV personality Adam Carolla

    Actress Marissa Jaret Winokur

    Oscar-winning actress Marlee Matlin

    Actress Priscilla Presley

    The announcement comes after months of media leaks on the Web. But still, there are some surprises, including Presley and current Miami Dolphin star Taylor — who told PEOPLE days before the announcement that he hadn’t informed his coaches or his teammates of his off-season endeavor.
    “I’m going to turn off my text-messaging and my cell phone,” said Taylor in anticipation of a likely onslaught of ribbing from his colleagues.
    Not that Dancing is for slouches. As earlier contestants can attest, the schedule is both mentally and physically demanding.
    Half of the contestants will perform live on the March 17 premiere, and the other half will perform their first dances on Tuesday, March 18.
    On March 24, the entire cast will perform a second dance. After the judges’ scores are combined with the popular fan vote for both weeks, two celebrities will be eliminated on the March 25 results show.
    – Monica Rizzo

  2. damn, thats a great lineup! I recognize almost everyone, unlike last season... cant wait to see the show!!!
  3. Good stuff!!!:tup:
  4. they had me at jason taylor :graucho: and i don't even watch this show... i will watch it for him tho!
  5. Do you think Monica Seles will grunt while she dances?

    Interesting lineup!
  6. I'm most interested to see Jason Taylor- funny thing is they paired him with Edyta who I think is short (well, everyone's short compared to him!). Should be interesting!
  7. I think many ladies seem to want to watch Jason.
  8. I don't watch the show either but will tune in to watch Kristi Yamaguchi! I've been a fan of hers since I was a little girl!
  9. I don't recognize very many of the names. But I do know who Priscilla Pressley is. Isn't she in her 70's? I don't mean anything negative by that, just curious. Seems like she was around even when I was a kid a long time ago.
  10. ^^According to imdb.com, Priscilla is 62. Last season's contestant Jane Seymour is 57. At this rate, maybe Betty White (86) will compete next season. ;):p
  11. Huh! She's younger than I thought. Well, good for her, I guess. You'd think that after being married to Elvis she'd already know how to dance.:rolleyes:
  12. It starts tonight! Don't forget! I know I'll need to discuss the episode with you ladies tomorrow!:smile:
  13. Okay . . .

    For the men, I'm liking Penn Jillette and Adam Corolla.

    For the women, I like Kristi Yamaguchi and Priscilla Presley.
  14. I predict, at some point, either Zac Efron or Ashley Tisdale will be on a show like this.
  15. the pro's opening was amazing, as usual!